1. The Fountain

The Fountain in right field is the perfect way to beat the heat during hot summer games. Fans of all ages will enjoy cooling off in The Fountain, so make sure to check it out during your visit to Principal Park.

2. Young Ball Player Statues

Make sure to get a picture of yourself with the statues of kids playing baseball before entering Principal Park. The statues are fun for kids and adults alike, so take them in before the game.

3. Cubbie Bear

Young fans will love Cubbie Bear, so keep an eye out for him during your visit to Principal Park. Cubbie Bear gets into all kinds of antics at I-Cubs game making him a must-see.

4. Backstop Store

Pick up a souvenir from your trip to Principal Park at the Backstop Store. The Backstop Store is home to just about any I-Cubs gear you could want including caps, t-shirts, jerseys, pennants, and much more.

5. The Seam

Take a minute before the game to see “The Seam.” The sculpture depicts a stylized baseball and is a must-see for anyone taking in a game at Principal Park.

6. Pre-Game Tailgater

If you want all the fun of tailgating before an I-Cubs game without any of the hassles, then the Pre-Game Tailgater is just the thing. The Tailgater can accommodate up to 20 people and provides you with food and drinks making it the perfect tailgating destination for any fan.

7. Cub Club

If you want to experience an I-Cubs game in style then Cub Club is just the place for you. Cub Club features an incredible view of the field and fine dining making it an excellent place to entertain any group.

8. High Life Lounge

Those of you who love beer, especially Miller High Life, won’t want to miss checking out the High Life Lounge. The High Life Lounge is one of the best places to grab a drink before an I-Cubs, so stop in for a couple of brews before the game.

9. View of the Iowa State Capitol

Principal Park provides you with a gorgeous view of the Iowa State Capitol, so take it in when attending an I-Cubs game.

10. Knothole Gang

The Knothole Gang is a fantastic way to get young fans involved with baseball and the I-Cubs. Membership is open to fans 13 and younger and includes entrance to 10 Sunday games, a free frozen treat at each game, a t-shirt, a membership card, and a Knothole Gang Clinic with I-Cubs players.

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