Hilton Coliseum in Ames, Iowa was constructed as part of the Iowa State Center and is home to the Iowa State Cyclones basketball teams, wrestling team, and volleyball teams. The arena opened in 1971 and seats 14,384.

Over the past ten years, Hilton Coliseum has undergone a $60 million renovation. The renovation began with an upgrade of the arena’s video and sound systems in 2006. The arena has also grown in capacity by approximately 300 seats since renovations began.

Hilton Coliseum has been the site of many notable events since opening in 1971. The Cyclones men’s basketball team set their record attendance in 1971 when Iowa State defeated Iowa 97-94. The arena was also the home of the 1972 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament Midwest Regionals as well as the 1982-, 1988-, and 1993-NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships. Outside of college athletics, Hilton Coliseum is the site of the annual All-State Music Festival.

Historic Events