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The Cyclones entrance is quite a spectacle to behold and will get you, and the rest of the crowd charged. The entrance starts with billowing out of the tunnel as the crowd gets louder and louder with anticipation, which is eventually capped off with the sounding of the tornado siren as the Cyclones take the field. The atmosphere during the Cyclones entrance is electric and will send a tingle down your spine.

The entrance does a great job of setting the tone as the heightened atmosphere continues throughout the game. Cyclones fans are die hard and will stand and support their team regardless of the score. The fans in Ames know when to get loud and when to remain quiet, which helps give the Cyclones an excellent home field advantage even in some of the more trying times recently. If you’re looking to take in a game with a bunch of die hards who know their football, then Iowa State is the gameday experience for you.

The band also puts on a great spectacle at Iowa State games and helps enhance an already electric atmosphere. Head on down to Ames for a superb game day experience that offers everything you could ever want in a college football game.

Things to check out

Cyclone Experience

On the Northeast corner of Jack Trice Stadium, there is an area called the Cyclone Experience which is a family friendly environment offering activities for the kids.

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The Victory Bell

The Victory Bell was crafted in 1980 to be used as a bell dismissal from classes but has since been moved to the stadium where it is rung after Cyclone victories. Listen for the sound of the Victory Bell after witnessing the Cyclones thrash the opposition.

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Tornado Siren

The Tornado siren will let you know when something big has happened in Jack Trice Stadium as it signals the team entering the stadium, Cyclones touchdowns, defensive stands, and other big plays. The siren is a big part of the Cyclone nation as well as the experience of taking in a game at Jack Trice.

The Cannon

The members of the Iowa State Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi man and maintain a cannon that is discharged at home football games when Iowa State takes the field, kicks off, and scores a touchdown. The cannon is a great tradition that will get you pumped up to cheer on the Cyclones.

Sweet Caroline

Fans have recently started singing Neil Diamond’s "Sweet Caroline" in between the third and fourth quarters of games where the Cyclones are in the lead, as well as post-game after victories.

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Rush the Field

After games, students still rush the field and try to remove the goal posts to no avail. It’s a great tradition and something every fan should try at least once.

Cy the Cardinal

The Cardinal has been the proud mascot of Iowa State University since the 1950’s and has won two national mascot challenges: the CBS Most Dominant College Mascot and the Capital One Bowl National Mascot of the year. Cy can often be seen wandering around Iowa State’s campus as well as Ames, Iowa, taking pictures with students and local Cyclone fans.

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Fight Songs

  1. The Bells of Iowa State

    Green Hills for thy throne,

    And for crown a golden melody,

    Ringing in the hearts of all

    Who bring thee love and loyalty.


    Dear Alma Mater,

    Make our spirits great,

    True and valiant,

    Like the Bells of Iowa State

  2. Iowa State Fight Song

    O we will fight, fight, fight for Iowa State,

    And may her colors ever fly.

    Yes, we will fight with might for Iowa State,

    With a will to do or die,

    Rah! Rah! Rah!

    Loyal sons forever true,

    And we will fight the battle through.

    And when we hit that line we’ll hit it hard ev’ry yard for I. S. U.  

  3. For "I", For "S"

    For “I”, for “S”, forever

    For Iowa State all the way,

    Let’s go! To show them what the gang’s all here for

    Go! To show them how the Cyclones cheer.


    For “I”, for “S”, forever

    For Iowa State do it right!

    It’s time to climb up on the vict’ry wagon,

    Fight! Iowa State, Fight! Fight!

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