1. The Tornado Siren

The Tornado siren will let you know when something big has happened in Jack Trice Stadium as it signals the team entering the stadium, Cyclones touchdowns, defensive stands, and other big plays. The siren is a big part of the Cyclone nation as well as the experience of taking in a game at Jack Trice.

2. The Victory Bell

The Victory Bell was crafted in 1980 to be used as a bell dismissal from classes, but has since been moved to the stadium where it is rung after Cyclone victories. Listen for the sound of the Victory Bell after witnessing the Cyclones thrash the opposition.

3. Iowa State - Iowa Rivalry

Arguably the biggest in-state collegiate football rivalry, the Iowa State – Iowa game is one of the biggest tailgating events of the season. Each year the winner of the game takes home the Cy-Hawk trophy as well as bragging rights. Students from both schools use this game as an opportunity to try and outdo each other in tailgating, making it one of the most fun Iowa State games to attend.

4. Drink Pink Mug Night

Iowa State has partnered up with Colleges Against Cancer for an annual Drink Pink Mug Night which simultaneously raises money for breast cancer research as well as provide a wild night of debauchery. Join in on this great tradition that also helps a great cause if you get the chance.

5. Farmageddon

The Iowa State – Kansas State rivalry dates back to 1917 and is the eighth longest continuous series in college football. Dubbed “Farmageddon” as a reference to the agricultural roots of each university, the game is one of the best to attend outside of the Iowa – Iowa State game. Join in on cheering the Cyclones against one of their biggest rivals by attending Farmageddon.

6. Welch Avenue/Main Street

Welch Avenue and Main Street are the main strips of bars in Ames, Iowa and is the most visited area among students and alumni. With a wide variety of bars, restaurants, and late night hot spots, Welch Avenue and Main Street are places you must explore when visiting Iowa State.

7. The Cannon

The members of the Iowa State Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi man and maintain a cannon that is discharged at home football games when Iowa State takes the field,  kicks off, and scores a touchdown. The cannon is a great tradition that will get you pumped up to cheer on the Cyclones.

8. Cy the Cardinal

The Cardinal has been the proud mascot of Iowa State University since the 1950’s and has won two national mascot challenges: the CBS Most Dominant College Mascot and the Capital One Bowl National Mascot of the year. Cy can often be seen wandering around Iowa State’s campus as well as Ames, Iowa, taking pictures with students and local Cyclone fans.

9. CyRide Moonlight Express

Appropriately nicknamed the “drunk bus” by Iowa State students, the Moonlight Express can be seen driving through the streets of Ames, packed with partying students. The lucky few will catch a bus full of students partaking in a drunken rendition of “Sweet Caroline” or some favorite ISU chants.

10. Sweet Caroline

In between the third and fourth quarter of Iowa State football games, the student body has more recently begun singing Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”. The tune can also be heard after victories, so come prepared to sing “Sweet Caroline” along with everyone in Jack Trice Stadium.

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