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The Jaguars are the only major professional sports team in Jacksonville meaning that they are the number one team in the heart of all Jacksonville residents and provide great civic pride win or lose. The fans in Jacksonville are die hard as they cheer hard for their team regardless of the score. Jaguars fans also love to show off their Jaguars pride by wearing the team’s colors of teal and black not only on game days but every day of the week. Don’t worry though if you are coming to a Jags game as an opposing team’s fan as there are a lot of transplants in Jacksonville meaning that there are sure to be plenty of your team’s fans at the game as well.

One of the best things about attending a Jaguars games is the fact that the team is very dedicated to providing a great fan experience. At TIAA Bank Field, you’ll find a wide variety of amenities and other forms of entertainment in addition to just the game on the field. The Jaguars even provide fans multiple places to cool down and escape the Florida heat, which is perfect for those early September games where it can get quite hot.

The excellent fan base and the team’s devoted to the fans make attending a Jaguars game one of the best experiences in the NFL.

Things to check out


The scoreboard found at TIAA Bank Field is amongst the largest in the world and quite a sight to behold. There is no way you could miss it, so whether you like it or not, you’ll for sure be checking out this monstrous scoreboard when taking in a Jaguars game at TIAA Bank Field.

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Like a few other stadiums located in warm climates you’ll find a pool at TIAA Bank Field. Hop in for a dip for one of the unique NFL viewing experiences that you’ll find anywhere throughout the country.

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Pride of the Jaguars

Pride of the Jaguars is a great way to honor the franchise’s all-time greats, so check out this tribute located on the fascia of the west upper deck.

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Bud Light Party Zone

Open to any fan with a ticket, this large sports bar, and restaurant has the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the field as well as over 50 TVs to enjoy the game. It opens two hours before the game and is located in the south end zone.

Sea Best Cool Zone

If you need to escape the Florida heat while at a Jags game fear, not as they’ve got you covered with the Sea Best Cool Zone. Located in the south end zone, the Cool Zone features air-conditioned benches, misting fans, and refreshments.


To draw more fans to the games, TIAA Bank Field designed a high-tech fantasy football lounge before the 2013 season. Fans can watch other NFL games and the NFL Red Zone channel to keep up with their league standings while enjoying a bar overlooking the field. Fan Zone

The Fan Zone provides fans the chance to show off their football skills as here you can play a variety of football games including taking the quarterback challenge and running the 40yard dash.

Season Ticket Wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame located near section 140 is a great way for the Jaguars to show their appreciation towards the fans. If you’re a season ticket holder, make sure to head over to Section 140 and look for your name.

Jaxson de Ville

Jaxson de Ville has served as the Jaguars mascot since 1996 and is famous for being one of the wildest and craziest mascots in the league. Some of his most famous antics include streaking and holding up a towel saying, “Towels Carry Ebola” when the Jags played the Steelers. Look out for Jaxson de Ville when attending your next Jags game as he is worth the price of admission alone.

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The D-Line has been the official drumline of the Jacksonville Jaguars since 2004. This group of 18 rudimental drummers provides great in-game entertainment and even performs a post game show in the Sea Best Cool Zone.

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Roar of the Jaguars

The Roar have been the official cheerleading squad of the team since its inception in 1995. Look for them to put on great routines before and during the game.

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Fight Songs

  1. Move Those Chains

    Following every Jaguars first down the PA announcers says, “that’s another Jacksonville...FIRST Down!”, which is followed by the fans chanting “Move those chains! Move those chains! Move those chains! Move!” while doing the first down motion four times.

    Move those chains,

    Move those chains,

    Move those chains…


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