1. Fan Entertainment Zone Pepsi Plaza

Head to the south end zone if you are looking for some pre-game festivities as here you’ll find the Fan Entertainment Zone Pepsi Plaza. Opening three hours before kickoff, the Fan Entertainment Zone provides fans with games, food, and music.

2. Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q

This stand serves up classic Florida barbecue and is a local favorite in the Jacksonville area. It is located in the lower east and west Touchdown Clubs, the Bud Light Party Zone, and sections 119, 405, and 431.

3. Jaxson de Ville

Jaxson de Ville has served as the Jaguars mascot since 1996 and is famous for being one of the wildest and craziest mascots in the league. Some of his most famous antics include streaking and holding up a towel saying, “Towels Carry Ebola” when the Jags played the Steelers. Look out for Jaxson de Ville when attending your next Jags game as he is worth the price of admission alone.

4. Burrito Gallery

Another local favorite called opened this stand at TIAA Bank Field that serves Mexican food to fans. It can be found in section 125.

5. Bud Light Party Zone

Open to any fan with a ticket, this large sports bar and restaurant has the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the field as well as over 50 TVs to enjoy the game. It opens two hours before the game and is located in the south end zone.

6. FanDuelVille

To draw more fans to the games, TIAA Bank Field designed a high-tech fantasy football lounge before the 2013 season. Fans can watch other NFL games and the NFL Red Zone channel to keep up with their league standings while enjoying a bar overlooking the field.

7. Sea Best Cool Zone

If you need to escape the Florida heat while at a Jags game fear, not as they’ve got you covered with the Sea Best Cool Zone. Located in the south end zone, the Cool Zone features air-conditioned benches, misting fans, and refreshments.

8. Pool

Like a few other stadiums located in warm climates, you’ll find a pool at TIAA Bank Stadium. Hop in for a dip for one of the unique NFL viewing experiences that you’ll find anywhere throughout the country.

9. Jaguars Cabanas

If you bring a group of up to 20 people and want a luxury tailgating experience, the Jaguar Cabanas can be purchased for a private, premium experience. Bud and Bud Light on tap, customizable menus, and game day tickets are all included in the package meaning you can’t go wrong renting out one of these premium tailgate spots.

10. Jaguars Prowl

Before every game, the Jaguars walk through the Sea Best Cool Zone as the fans line up and cheer them on. This is a great experience that gives fans the chance to get up close and personal with their favorite Jaguars.

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