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From the second you step into JSU Stadium until you leave you’ll have a fantastic time. Gamecocks fans live and die with their team, and you’ll see a lot of passion on display when attending a JSU game. The fans here are among the loudest in the OVC, and their incredible fan support is quite the sight to behold for any neutral fan. If you come to the game without a rooting interest, then you’ll be rooting for the Gamecocks by the end thanks to the infectious enthusiasm of the JSU fans.

The fans aren’t the only thing that makes attending a Gamecocks game an unforgettable experience. Jacksonville State is home to one of the best bands in the country, the Marching Southerners. The Marching Southerners set the tone right off the bat with their impressive pregame show, and they keep the atmosphere electric throughout the game with their in-game and halftime performance. Additionally, you’ll want to stick around after the game to enjoy the postgame show and the singing of “I’ll Fly Away.”

While the band may steal the show, the football team is no slouch either. The Gamecocks have won 20 conference titles and one national title and are always one of the more competitive teams in the OVC.

You’ll have a fantastic time attending a Jacksonville State game thanks to the incredible fans and marching band, so plan your trip to Jacksonville today.

Things to check out

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Jacksonville State Merchandise

Pick up a Jacksonville state t-shirt or cap at JSU Stadium. The merchandise stands around the stadium sell a good selection of Gamecocks gear, so buy a keepsake to remember your trip to Jacksonville.

Stadium Tower Dorm

If you’re a Jacksonville State student who loves football, then there is nothing better than living in the Stadium Tower Dorm. There are only a few schools where you can live in the stadium making the Stadium Tower Dorm a cool feature for any student who lives and breathes football.

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Marching Southerners

The Marching Southerners are one of the best bands around as well as a big part of any Jacksonville State game. The band is a can’t miss part of a Gamecocks game so don’t miss the pregame, halftime, or postgame show.

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Cocky has been the Gamecocks mascot since 1967 and is a fun part of any JSU sporting event. Cocky gets into all kinds of shenanigans at the game and is loved by Gamecocks fans young and old, so keep an eye out for him when taking in a JSU football game.

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The Jacksonville State cheerleaders keep the crowd’s spirit high throughout the game. The cheerleaders perform a variety of routines throughout the game and are a must-see, so join in their cheers during the game.

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Fight Songs

  1. JSU Fight Song

    Fight on, fight on for ole Jax State
    We’re proud that we’re from Alabama
    Fight on, now don’t you hesitate,
    Courage, pride and honor
    will lead you on to victory, so
    Fight on, fight for the Red and White,
    We’re gonna howl tonight,
    Come on! You Gamecocks,
    Fight and see,
    That we will win the victory!

  2. I’ll Fly Away

    Stick around after the game to join in the singing of “I’ll Fly Away.” The gospel song is a long running tradition, and the JSU band and fans put their spin on it to give it some extra flair. Make sure to stay and join in the singing of “I’ll Fly Away” to get the full Gamecocks game day experience.

    Some glad morning when this life is o’er, I’ll Fly Away.
    To a home on God’s celestial shore I’ll Fly Away.
    I’ll Fly Away, Oh! Glory!
    I’ll Fly Away
    IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!
    When I Die, Hallelujah By and By,
    I’ll Fly Away…..

  3. JSU Alma Mater

    Alma Mater, Alma Mater
    Grateful voices raise
    A song of tribute and devotion
    Thy honored name we praise.
    Light of knowledge,
    Store of wisdom,
    Love of truth abide in thee
    Quest for beauty,
    Search for freedom,
    Thine eternally
    Oh, Alma Mater, Alma Mater
    We humbly bow to thee!

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