There are few better places to tailgate in the Ohio Valley Conference or the FCS than Jacksonville State. The university takes tailgating seriously, and it shows as you’ll find a designated tailgating area near the stadium that is packed full of fans on game days. Everywhere you look, you’ll see a sea of red and white, which creates a fun and festive atmosphere.

When tailgating at a Gamecocks game, make sure to arrive early as the tailgate lawn opens up at 8:00 am and fills up quickly. You’ll also want to get to the tailgate early to get the most out of your Gamecocks gameday as tailgating is one of the best parts of the experience.

Jacksonville State fans are among the most friendly around and are more than happy to share some of their food and drinks as long as you bring something to share. If you want to enjoy some delicious Southern favorites, then make sure to bring some food to share. Gamecocks fans also love to talk about their team, so don’t hesitate to start up a conversation about the team with your neighbor.

Finally, don’t miss the Gamecock Walk, which takes place approximately two hours and fifteen minutes before kickoff. The walk takes place between the Dorm Stadium Towers and the Football Field House and is a fantastic way for you to give the Gamecocks some last minute inspiration.

Arrive early and enjoy the tailgate scene at Jacksonville State to enjoy your visit to Jacksonville, Alabama to its fullest.


Gamecock Walk

Don’t miss the Gamecock Walk before the game. The Gamecock Walk is an excellent way to show off your JSU pride and takes place a little over two hours before kickoff. It starts at the Dorm Stadium Towers and makes its way to the Football Field House so make your way to the parade route about two and a half hours before the game.

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