1. Marching Southerners

The Marching Southerners are one of the best bands around as well as a big part of any Jacksonville State game. The band is a can’t miss part of a Gamecocks game so don’t miss the pregame, halftime, or postgame show.


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2. “I’ll Fly Away”

Stick around after the game to join in the singing of “I’ll Fly Away.” The gospel song is a long running tradition, and the JSU band and fans put their spin on it to give it some extra flair. Make sure to stay and join in the singing of “I’ll Fly Away” to get the full Gamecocks game day experience.


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3. The Roost

The Roost tent area provides you with the perfect place to tailgate before the game with friends and family. Reserve your spot at The Roost to enjoy tailgating before a Jacksonville State game at its best.

4. Cocky

Cocky has been the Gamecocks mascot since 1967 and is a fun part of any JSU sporting event. Cocky gets into all kinds of shenanigans at the game and is loved by Gamecocks fans young and old, so keep an eye out for him when taking in a JSU football game.


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5. Gamecock Walk

Don’t miss the Gamecock Walk before the game. The Gamecock Walk is an excellent way to show off your JSU pride and takes place a little over two hours before kickoff. It starts at the Dorm Stadium Towers and makes its way to the Football Field House so make your way to the parade route about two and a half hours before the game.

6. Jacksonville State-Chattanooga Rivalry

The Jacksonville State-Chattanooga rivalry may be relatively new, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have an incredible time taking in a game between the Gamecocks and Mocs. The rivalry between these two non-conference foes has really taken off in the last couple years as the teams have met in six of the last seven seasons, so make sure to be in attendance when the Gamecocks take on the Mocs.

7. Cheerleaders

The Jacksonville State cheerleaders keep the crowd’s spirit high throughout the game. The cheerleaders perform a variety of routines throughout the game and are a must-see, so join in their cheers during the game.


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8. Dillon Field

If you’re a JSU student looking to tailgate with your fellow students, then make your way down to Dillon Field. Dillon Field is home to the student tailgate and is a perfect place to let loose on game days.

9. Jacksonville State-Samford Rivalry

The Gamecocks biggest rivals are the Samford Bulldogs who play 80 miles away in Homewood, Alabama. There are always a lot of fans of both teams at the games when these two Alabama-based schools clash, and there are lots of bragging rights as well making every matchup between Jacksonville State and Samford a must-see. The Gamecocks hold a slim 23-21-3 lead in the all-time series and won the only FCS playoff matchup between them in 2013.

10. Stadium Tower Dorm

If you’re a Jacksonville State student who loves football, then there is nothing better than living in the Stadium Tower Dorm. There are only a few schools where you can live in the stadium making the Stadium Tower Dorm a cool feature for any student who lives and breathes football.

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