1. River City Rumble

The River City Rumble is the 14-sport crosstown rivalry between the Jacksonville University Dolphins and the University of North Florida Ospreys that began in 2005.  The two schools compete for the “Old Wooden Barrel.”  The previous year’s winner keeps the trophy if there is a tie at the end of the school year.

2. Dunk’n and Nellie

The school introduced the two costume mascots in fall 2015 after the former mascot, the live dolphin Nellie, died in 2014 after 61 years.

3. Show Time

One hour before kickoff, the JU Marching Band warms up for the fans at the Strom Amphitheater that is located at the Dolphin Green.

4. Dolphin March

Starting at the Dolphins Statues in the Dolphin Green, the JU Marching Band heads to “The Grove” after Show Time.

5. The Grove Set

The JU Marching Band and “Dorsal Funk,” the school’s rock band, join in the tailgating festivities and perform 30 minutes before kickoff.

6. Half Time

The Majorette, Colorguard, Dorsal Funk, and the Marching Band come together to form “The Pride” and perform on the field.  This blends rock, pop, and  marching band favorites together to entertain the fans.

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