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The Dukes just won the FCS National Championship in 2016, so you better believe you’ll be in for an exciting game when attending a JMU football game. JMU is home to one of the best football teams in the country, and as a result, you’ll get to see some of the best players take the field when attending a game at Bridgeforth Stadium.

The team’s recent success has also helped make the atmosphere at a Dukes game incredible as well. Fans and students come out in large numbers to support the Dukes and cheer them on to victory. Students and alumni especially have a lot of pride in their team, and all throughout the game, you’ll see fans throwing streamers and cheering.

The band, which is known as the Marching Royal Dukes, is also no slouches when it comes to putting on a good show. They won the Sudler Trophy for best marching band in 1994 and are one of the best parts of any Dukes game. You won’t want to miss any of the band’s three performances, so make sure to arrive early and stay until the end of the post game show to get the full JMU game day experience.

James Madison is home to one of the best game day experiences in the FCS, so start planning your trip to Harrisonburg today.

Things to check out

Milestone Murals

Stop by the lower concourse and see the murals dedicated to the biggest moments in Dukes football. The murals are a must-see for any JMU fan or college football fans, so check them out during your trip.

Team Stores

Check out the team stores on the upper and lower concourses if you’re looking to get some Dukes gear at the game. The team stores sell a wide selection of merchandise meaning you won’t have to worry about leaving empty-handed.

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Marching Royal Dukes

You won’t want to miss the performance of the Marching Royal Dukes when taking in a JMU football game. The Marching Dukes are one of the best bands around having won the Sudler Trophy in 1994 and put on an incredible pregame, halftime, and postgame show.

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Duke Dog

Duke Dog made his first appearance in 1982 and since then has become a staple of JMU sporting events. He’s one of the best mascots in college sports, and he was even a finalist for the Capital One Mascot Bow in 2004, so you won’t want to miss any of his antics, which include barking during the singing of the “JMU Fight Song.”

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Purple and Gold Streamers

Following every big play made by the Dukes, you’ll see purple and gold streamers flying from the stands. Join in the tradition or at the very least get a picture or video of the streamers to show your friends when you return home.

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Join in the cheers lead by the cheerleading squad to show your support for the Dukes. You can see the cheerleaders trying their best to keep spirits high all throughout the game, so join in and how your support for the Dukes.

Fight Songs

  1. JMU Fight Song

    Madison, James Madison,

    We are the Dukes of JMU

    Madison, James Madison,

    The fighting Dukes of JMU

    Fight for Glory– Honors Won

    Brighten the Lights of Madison

    Madison, James Madison,

    Show your Colors

    Proud and True

    We are the Dukes of JMU

  2. JMU School Song

    Madison, James Madison
    We’ll Be Forever True
    Our Loyalty Will Always Be To JMU
    While Friends Remain Within Our Hearts
    And Knowledge Guides Our Way
    James Madison Will Lead Us On
    To Conquer Each New Day

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