Kansas City Chiefs fans put on one if not the best tailgates in the NFL. Titled “The Asphalt Jungle,” the Arrowhead parking lot tailgate offers any food you could imagine and has been deemed by some as a true tailgate paradise. The food on display outside of Arrowhead Stadium is second to none when it comes to tailgate grub. Here you’ll find a wide variety of food ranging from ribs to brisket to even lobster, although barbecue is king since Kansas City is home to some of the finest barbecue in the nation.

Another great aspect of tailgating at a Chiefs game is the camaraderie between fans here. The fans here love to show off their tailgates, so don’t be shy and introduce yourself as you’ll surely make friends quickly. Chiefs fans are very friendly and welcoming to everyone they see, so set up a spread of some of your favorites and you’ll meet people quick.

Lastly, make sure to get to the stadium early to enjoy the best tailgating experience possible. Not only do you need to get here early to get a spot as they fill up quickly, but early arrival also gives fans the chance to meet new people. Kansas City Chiefs fans put on arguably the best tailgate in the NFL, so get to the game bright and early to make the most out of your Chiefs game day.


Founders Plaza

The entrance to the north side of the stadium recently became a tribute to Lamar Hunt, one of the founding fathers of American sports. The open air plaza is open up to all fans on game day and features a larger than life statue of Hunt. Stop by the plaza, so you can take the time to pay tribute to the founder of one of the greatest franchises in NFL history.

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Kansas City is home to some of the finest barbecue in the country. If you want to get the full Kansas City experience, then make sure to try some delicious barbecue when attending a Chiefs game.

Where to tailgate

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