When attending a Royals spring training game, there is a lot to see and do outside the ballpark. Surprise Stadium is located on the Surprise Recreation Campus, and as a result, you’ll find a lot of local recreation buildings here as well as the Royals practice facilities. If you enjoy swimming, tennis, or reading get here early and enjoy the aquatic center, tennis complex, or public library before the game.

Those of you who are looking more for baseball-related entertainment will also want to get to the ballpark early. The Royals practices are open to the public throughout spring training and start and 9:30 am, so get to the park early to catch your favorite players warm up before the season.

Finally, parking is free giving you no excuse not to get to Surprise Stadium early and make a day of it when attending Royals spring training.

You’ll find tons to see and do before even entering Surprise Stadium to watch the Royals play, so make sure to get to the ballpark bright and early.


Royals Practices

Royals practices open at 9:30 am and are a fantastic experience for any die-hard fan as they offer you the opportunity to get an up-close look at all your favorite players. If you’re attending Royals practice, make sure to park in the main stadium parking lot.

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Surprise Recreation Campus

Surprise Stadium is located on the Surprise Recreation Campus, which is also home to the community's regional library, tennis complex, and aquatic center. Stop by and check out any of these recreation services to make the most out of your trip to Surprise, Arizona.

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Where to tailgate

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