The atmosphere around Bill Snyder Family Stadium is palpable with school spirit, as many of the local hotels, restaurants, and bars exist solely because of the football program head coach Bill Snyder rebuilt. Many fans describe the atmosphere as not a typical day in Manhattan; the town, stadium, and campus are all alive with purple pride as kickoff approaches. So fire up your grills and crack open a beer in anticipation of the beautiful K-State game day that you’re about to witness.

The lots surrounding Bill Snyder Family Stadium are packed to the brim with grills, tents, coolers, and fans as everyone is abuzz with anticipation for the ensuing K-State football game. They provide ample parking space as the tailgate is the place to be on game days in Manhattan, Kansas. The town lives and breathes Wildcat football as just about everyone you’ll meet on game day is wearing purple to show off their Wildcat pride. Don’t worry if you’re a visiting fan though as K-State fans are pretty nice, and you’ll most likely only receive some good-natured teasing. Head on down to the parking lots for one of the best tailgating experiences in the great plains.



The Hall of Athletics is a great display of Kansas Jayhawks athletic history. From championship ring collections to trophies, this is a must see for any college sports fan. It is an excellent way to experience the rich tradition of the Jayhawks. The best part about the Hall of Athletics is it’s free!For those who would rather pregame at bars and restaurants then Aggieville is the place for you. With multiple options to choose from, this six-block stretch has a lot to offer in terms of pre and post game activities. There is also a shuttle service to and from Aggieville for your convenience.

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If you’re attending the K-State homecoming game make sure to get to Manhattan a day early, so you can take in the homecoming parade and pep rally on Friday night.

Bill Snyder Statue

Found outside the main entrance on the west side of the stadium the statue of Bill Snyder is a great tribute to the best football coach in the program's history. Stop by and grab a picture with the man who turned the K-State football program around.

K Hill

Overlooking Kansas State is what is known as the K Hill, a large mountainside featuring the letters K and S. The Hill oversees the campus and is a historical part of Wildcat tradition. The Hill showcases the pride the town of Manhattan, Kansas feels for their beloved Wildcats.

Where to tailgate

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