1. Sturgis

Don’t miss KSU’s live mascot Sturgis at the game. Sturgis is a Great Horned Owl and a fun part of any game, so make sure you catch a glimpse of him at the game.

2. Owl Walk and The Marching Owls’ Pregame Concert

The Owl Walk and The Marching Owls’ pregame concert take place at the Fan Zone two hours before kickoff. The two events will get you in the Owls game day spirit and are both can’t miss parts of the pregame festivities.

3. Marching Owls

Enjoy the performance of the Marching Owls when attending a Kennesaw State football games. The Marching Owls put on an incredible performance and help make every trip to Fifth Third Bank Stadium a memorable experience with their tunes.

4. Scrappy the Owl

Fans young and old love the antics of Scrappy the Owl. Scrappy is a big part of KSU football games, so keep an eye out for him at the game.

5. Cheerleaders

The cheerleading squads pump up the crowd with their chants and are a big part of the in-game experience at KSU. Join in the chants to give the Owls an excellent home field advantage.

6. Fan Zone

Make sure to check out the Fan Zone when tailgating before a Kennesaw State football game. The Fan Zone opens three hours before kickoff and features pregame festivities, giveaways, games, and much more.

7. Dance Team

Don’t leave your seat when you see the dance team take the field. The dance team puts on a fantastic show, and their performances are some of the best parts of the game.

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