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The Memorial Athletic and Convocation Center is one of the oldest venues in college basketball and one of the best places in the MAC to take in a college hoops game. At the MACC, you’ll find everything you could ever want in a college hoops game including a lively crowd, an excellent spirit squad, and tons of history.

The first thing you’ll notice when entering is the history and aura that surrounds the arena. All throughout the concourse are pictures, plaques, and other artifacts celebrating Kent State’s rich basketball and athletics history. The venue is even home to a wall of fame filled with plaques dedicated to all of the most important figures Kent State athletics, and if you’re looking for basketball specific history then make sure to take in the Elite Eight and retired number banners hanging above the court.

Once it gets closer to tip-off, you’ll be treated to an incredible atmosphere that can rival that of larger conference schools. The fans, spirit squad, and pep band all go a long way in creating a memorable experience that will have you wanting to come back soon.

Finally, after the game make sure to head to Main Street for some post-game festivities. Main Street is home to a wide selection of bars and restaurants including 101 Bottles of Beer and Rockne’s Pub among others, so stop by a few and make a mini-pub crawl out of it.


A trip to Kent State is a fun time for any college basketball fan and presents an excellent opportunity to see one of the oldest venues in the sport, so don’t hesitate to plan your trip to Kent State.

Things to check out

Kent State Athletics Wall of Fame

During your trip to the MACC stop by the wall of fame to see plaques dedicated to the most influential players, coaches, and administrators in Kent State athletics history. The wall is a must-see for any college sports fan, so make sure to check it out.

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Hanging above the court are several banners honoring the best players and teams in Golden Flash basketball history. Kent State’s Elite Eight banner from 2002 is the crown jewel of the banners, so look for it as well as the retired numbers of several players from the team including Antonio Gates, Trevor Huffman, and Andrew Mitchell.

Kent State Signage and Murals

All around the MACC you’ll see banners and signs celebrating the Golden Flash. The artwork allows you to know exactly where you are and features a great mural of the athletic program’s old logo, so take it all in when attending a Kent State basketball game.

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Flash the Golden Eagle

Flash, the Golden Eagle, is the official Kent State mascot and can be seen all throughout the game. He entertains the crowd with his antics between play and even poses for pictures with fans. Flash’s strong presence makes him one of the more entertaining mascots in the MAC, so keep your eyes peeled for when at the game.

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Kent State Pep Band

The pep band is a major part of what makes the atmosphere at Kent State games so special. The band puts on an outstanding performances and keeps the crowd at fever pitch with their in-game music selections. There are few bands in the MAC better than the one at Kent State, so enjoy the show when attending a Golden Flash basketball game.

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The Kent State cheerleaders pump up the crowd and help keep everyone engaged with the game. Even when things aren't going the Golden Flashes way expect the cheerleaders to do their job and keep everyone on their feet.

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Fight Songs

  1. Fight Song

    Fight on for KSU,
    Fight for the Blue and Gold!
    We’re out to beat the foe;
    Fight on brave and bold!

    Fight on for victory,
    Don’t stop until we’re through.
    We’re all together,
    Let’s go forward, K-S-U!

  2. Alma Mater

    Verse 1: 
    From the beauty land Ohio comes a universal praise,
    ‘Tis the song of Alma Mater that her sons and daughters raise.
    ‘Tis a Hail to Kent forever, on the Cuyahoga shore,
    Now we join the loving thousands as they sing it o’er and o’er.

    Hail to Thee, our Alma Mater.
    O, how beautiful Thou art,
    High enthroned upon the hilltop,
    Reigning over every heart.

    Verse 2: 
    From the hilltop Alma Mater gazing on her portals wide,
    Sees the coming generations as they throng to seek her side,
    Seek her side to win her blessing,
    throng her gates to bear her name,
    Leave her gates to sing her praises go afar to spread her fame.

    Hail to Thee, our Alma Mater.
    O, how young and strong thou art,
    Planning for the glorious future,
    Firm enthroned in every heart.

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