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When attending a Kent State Golden Flashes game, you’ll find a small school atmosphere packed with a lot of heart. Dix Stadium holds a little over 25,000 fans giving it an intimate feeling that you won’t find at larger schools like Ohio State. There is a great sense of camaraderie between Kent State fans who over the years despite having less to cheer about than a lot of other school’s fans continue to come out and support their team with all their heart.

There is a ton of loyalty on display at Kent State with the fans coming out in strong numbers and cheering on their team all throughout the game regardless of the weather. Even in the pouring rain, you’ll still find thousands of fans chanting the K-S-U chant in hopes that the Golden Flashes will come up with the vital third down stop the team most desperately needs.

One of the most unique things about attending a Golden Flashes game is the fact Kent State offers a section devoted entirely to former student-athletes. The Varsity “K” Room is located in the northeast corner of the stadium and is an exclusive club open only to former student-athletes. If you’re a former Kent State student-athlete, then stop by the Varsity “K” Room for premium in-game experience, however even if you do not try and sneak a peak as you’ll never know who you’ll find hanging out there.

The strong fan support at Kent State means you’ll have a great time regardless of the score or weather, so don’t hesitate to come out to Kent State to take in some exciting MAC football action.

Things to check out

Kent State Hall of Fame Plaza

The George Jenkins and Jim Phelan Hall of Fame Plaza showcases all-time great Kent State players. Here you’ll find a tribute to Golden Flashes who have gone on to play in the NFL as well as players who have had their numbers retired by the school. Tributes can be found for greats including Jack Lambert and James Harrison.

Happy Hour

The first 60 minutes the stadium gates are open you’ll have the opportunity to grab some grub for cheap. During this period select concessions can be purchased for as little as $1, so make your way to the stadium early to take advantage of this incredible deal.

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Party on the Deck

Dix Stadium offers two hospitality decks, which are perfect for large groups or business functions. The packages include a great view of the game as well as catered food and beverages. If you’re bringing a large group to the game then you’ll love the party decks at Dix Stadium.

The Marching Golden Flashes

The Marching Golden Flashes are a major part of what makes the atmosphere at Kent State games so special. The band puts on outstanding pregame and halftime performances in addition to keeping the crowd at fever pitch with their in-game music selections.

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Flash the Golden Eagle

Flash, the Golden Eagle, is the official Kent State mascot and can be seen all throughout the game. He entertains the crowd with his antics between downs and even poses for pictures with fans. Flash’s strong presence makes him one of the more entertaining mascots in the MAC, so keep your eyes peeled for when at the game.

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Fight Songs

  1. Fight Song

    Fight on for KSU,
    Fight for the Blue and Gold!
    We’re out to beat the foe;
    Fight on brave and bold!
    Fight on for victory,
    Don’t stop until we’re through.
    We’re all together,
    Let’s go forward, K-S-U!

  2. Alma Mater

    Verse 1:
    From the beauty land Ohio comes a universal praise,
    ‘Tis the song of Alma Mater that her sons and daughters raise.
    ‘Tis a Hail to Kent forever, on the Cuyahoga shore,
    Now we join the loving thousands as they sing it o’er and o’er.
    Hail to Thee, our Alma Mater.
    O, how beautiful Thou art,
    High enthroned upon the hilltop,
    Reigning over every heart.
    Verse 2:
    From the hilltop Alma Mater gazing on her portals wide,
    Sees the coming generations as they throng to seek her side,
    Seek her side to win her blessing,
    throng her gates to bear her name,
    Leave her gates to sing her praises go afar to spread her fame.
    Hail to Thee, our Alma Mater.
    O, how young and strong thou art,
    Planning for the glorious future,
    Firm enthroned in every heart.

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