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Lafayette may not be the first name you think of when it comes to college football. However, the Leopards are one of the most historic programs in the sport. Lafayette is part of the most played rivalry in college football and has taken home three national championships over the years, meaning you’ll get to see a storied program play when attending a game in Easton, Pennsylvania.

The Leopards illustrious history isn’t the only thing that makes attending a Lafayette football game a fun experience. The fans in Easton come out in high numbers to show their support for the team and cheer them on to victory. The stands are full of fans dressed in maroon, and the student section especially goes all out to root on the Leopards to victory.

When attending a Lafayette football game, you’ll also get to enjoy the performance of several great spirit groups. The pep band creates a lively atmosphere with their music, and the performances by both the cheerleaders and mascot are memorable as well.

Lafayette has a fantastic football history making a trip to Easton, Pennsylvania a must for any longtime college football fan.

Things to check out

Lafayette Entrance

Get to your seat early, so you don’t miss the Leopards entrance onto the field. The team runs through an inflatable leopard head accompanied by pyrotechnics creating quite the scene. The entrance works the crowd into a frenzy and is a can’t-miss part of any Lafayette game.

Pep Band

One of the unique things about attending a Lafayette game is the fact the school has a pep band rather than a marching band. The pep band still performs a halftime show though, so don’t worry as you’ll get your money's worth from the Lafayette band.

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The Leopard

Enjoy the antics of The Leopard during the game. Lafayette’s mascot gets into all kinds of shenanigans throughout the game making him a fun part of your visit to Fisher Stadium.

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Join the cheerleaders as they help propel the Leopards to victory with their cheers. The cheerleaders do a fantastic job of pumping up the crowd throughout the game making them a memorable part of any Leopards game.

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Fight Songs

  1. “On Lafayette”

    Down the field we we swing in perfect trim
    Behind the team we’ve played to win
    And as we swing we sing a marching song;
    And the song we sing is on the theme
    Of Lafayette and of Her team.
    We’ll swing the Chorus as we swing along.

    On, Lafayette! On Lafayette!
    On, on to greater deeds, Lafayette,
    Give, Lafayette! Give, Lafayette,
    Give, give the best that’s in you
    And hope for a vict’ry.
    Fight the fight and keep your heads unbowed;
    Win, you’re victorious!
    Lose, just as glorious!
    Men of Lafayette, of you we sing.

  2. “Lafayette Alma Mater”

    We’ll gather by the twilight’s glow
    In front of old Pardee,
    In all the world no other scene,
    So fair, so dear to me.
    O Lafayette, O Lafayette,
    To thee our voices raise!
    While loyal lips and loyal hearts
    Unite to sing thy praise.

    We’ll gather by the twilight’s glow
    In front of old Pardee,
    In all the world no other scene,
    So fair, so dear to me.

    And future years shall not erase
    These gems of mem’ry rare,
    But oft we’ll live the scenes again,
    Impressed so firmly there.
    O Lafayette, O Lafayette,
    O joyous college days!
    E’re while these loyal hearts shall beat,
    We’ve loyal lips to praise.

    (Repeat Chorus)

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