Tailgating is a fun part of any Leopards game day meaning you’ll want to arrive early to get the most out of your trip to Easton, Pennsylvania. Fans from all over fill the parking lots outside Fisher Stadium before the game to drink, grill, and carouse with old friends. You’ll find a light and fun tailgating atmosphere at Lafayette making it an excellent place to fire up the grill and throw back a few beers before the game.

If you’re looking to experience Lafayette tailgating at its best, then make sure to attend either the homecoming game or The Rivalry. Both games have an incredibly festive feeling, and there is nothing better than seeing Lafayette take on their arch rivals, Lehigh.

Tailgating at a Leopards game is a fun experience for any FCS football fan, so get to Fisher Stadium early and enjoy all the festivities surrounding the pregame.



You won’t find a better time to attend a Lafayette football game than homecoming. Homecoming features a bunch of fun activities surrounding the game and is a can’t miss for any Lafayette student or alumni.

Where to tailgate

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