Las Vegas is party-central, and it’s no different when it comes to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The fans here go all out to tailgate before and during the race, so come prepared to get wild when making the trip to Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway offers plenty of RV parking meaning you’ll have no problem setting up your RV and throwing a long weekend party during major racing events such as the Pennzoil 400. Just park your RV and set up shop on Friday and you’ll be good until Sunday as the RV lots here feature everything you could want in an RV camping experience. You’ll also make lots of friends as everyone in the lots is extremely friendly and loves to talk racing.

If RVing isn’t your thing, don’t worry as there is lots of tailgating in the parking lots and the infield. The infield is home to the wildest parties at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Those of you who want to get wild will want to get tickets in the infield as it’s one big party there throughout the race.

Las Vegas is known for partying, and you’ll find plenty of partying to be had at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, so come out and throw down with the best of them when attending a major race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


Track Tours

Take a track tour to get the most out of your trip to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The track tour takes you to all nine speedway tracks, the luxury suites, the infield, and much more.

Speedway World

Pick up a souvenir from your trip to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway at Speedway World. Speedway World has an extensive selection of racing items including t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, and much more.

Driver Appearances

Take advantage of driver appearances before major races to meet your favorite NASCAR and NHRA drivers. There is nothing better than getting an autograph from your favorite driver so keep an eye out for the schedule before the event.

Where to tailgate

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