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Lehigh is home to some of the best fans in the Patriot League, and as a result, the Mountain Hawks typically boast some of the best attendance in the conference. People from all over the valley come out to support the Mountain Hawks creating a great atmosphere inside Goodman Stadium.

The fans aren’t the only ones who make attending a Mountain Hawks game a fun experience. The band also livens up the game with their music. Whether it’s their in-game music or pregame and halftime shows, the Marching 97s are a can’t-miss part of any Lehigh football game.

Additionally, make sure to enjoy appearances by the cheerleaders, dance team, and Lehigh’s mascot Clutch. All three produce memorable performances that you won’t want to miss. Clutch can be especially fun if you have the chance to see him up close and interact with him in person.

A Lehigh Mountain Hawks game offers everything you could want in a college football experience, so don’t hesitate to make a trip to Bethlehem for Mountain Hawks game.

Things to check out

Marching 97

Enjoy the performance of the Marching 97 at the game. The Marching 97 put on a fantastic show and provide lots of atmosphere throughout the game. Stay in your seat when you see them take the field as you wouldn’t want to miss their pregame or halftime show.


Clutch is Lehigh’s beloved mascot, and he gets into all kinds antics throughout the game. You never know what Clutch kind of trouble will get into next so keep an eye out for him during the game.


Join the LU cheerleaders as they cheer the Mountain Hawks onto victory. The cheerleaders lead a variety of cheers and chants, so join in and show your support for Lehigh.

Dance Team

Don’t leave your seat when you see the dance team take the field. The dance team puts on an incredible show and will dazzle you with their routines making them a must-see part of any Mountain Hawks game.

Fight Songs

  1. Lehigh Will Shine

    Lehigh will shine tonight, Lehigh will shine;
    Lehigh will shine tonight, Lehigh will shine;
    Lehigh will shine tonight, Lehigh will shine;
    When the sun goes down
    and the moon comes up,
    Lehigh will shine.

  2. Rearing and Tearing

    Rearing, Tearing, down the field, down the field,
    Lehigh’s team will never yield, never yield,
    Past the last white line that marks the goal
    And brings a victory again to old Lehigh,
    And when the big Brown team goes crashing through, crashing through,
    Rivals don’t know what to do, what to do,
    Rooters cheer another victory For old Lehigh!

    See that team gain yard by yard, yard by yard,
    Smashing down the rival’s guard, rival’s guard,
    Shooting ’round the end and down the field
    To make the rooters yell like hell for old Lehigh;
    And when the sun goes down and game is won, game is won,
    Scoreboard shows what Lehigh’s done, Lehigh’s done,
    Rooters yell and cheer the big Brown team of old Lehigh.

  3. Lehigh Victory March

    To the Brown, and the White,
    Raise a mighty chorus to the sky!
    For your spirit true
    And a will to do,
    We’re proud of you Lehigh. Rah! Rah!
    Down the field, never yield,
    Varsity to victory!
    The Brown and the White mean
    Fight! Fight! Fight! for vict’ry, Lehigh!

    Hear the beat, marching feet,
    Onward, forward never to retreat!
    Brothers gather here
    With a song and cheer,
    We’re all for victory. Rah! Rah!
    Come along, chosen throng,
    One in purpose, one in song!
    The Brown and the White mean
    Fight! Fight! Fight! for vict’ry Lehigh!

  4. Our Alma Mater

    Where the Lehigh’s rocky rapids
    Rush from out the West,
    Mid a grove of spreading chestnuts
    Walls in ivy dressed.
    On the breast of old South Mountain
    Reared against the sky,
    Stands our noble Alma Mater,
    Stands our dear Lehigh.

    Like a watchman on the mountain
    Stands she grandly bold,
    Earth’s and Heaven’s secret seeking,
    Hoarding them like gold.
    All she wrests from Nature’s storehouse
    Naught escapes her eye,
    Gives she gladly to her dear ones,
    While we bless Lehigh.

    We will ever live to love her,
    Live to praise her name,
    Live to make our lives add luster
    To her glorious fame.
    Let the glad notes wake the echo,
    Joyfully we cry:
    Hail to thee, our Alma Mater;
    Hail, all hail, Lehigh!

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