You won’t want to miss your opportunity to tailgate before a Mountain Hawks game as the fans here love to tailgate. The fields and parking lots surrounding Goodman Stadium are packed full of Mountain Hawks fans creating a fun and festive game day. Everywhere you look, you’ll see people grilling out and throwing back drinks making Lehigh an excellent place to tailgate.

One of the favorite traditions among the students is to enjoy morning cocktails, or mocos, on campus before heading to the stadium. This ritual means if you’re a student looking to tailgate be prepared for an all out party as everyone shows up to the tailgate already drunk.

Don’t worry though if you’re looking for a more family friendly tailgating experience. The students do their thing in the north lot while the alumni and other fans tend to stick to the south lot, which is a bit more relaxed.

Tailgating is a big part of the football game experience at Lehigh, so make sure to get here early to enjoy a Mountain Hawks game day to its fullest.



One of the most popular tailgating traditions among students is morning cocktails, or mocos, on campus before the game. If you’re a Lehigh student, then don’t miss out on this fun tradition.


Make sure to dress in neon when attending a Lehigh football game. A lot of Lehigh students wear neon to games rather than Lehigh’s school colors of brown and white creating a fun atmosphere.

Where to tailgate

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