1. The Rivalry

Lafayette-Lehigh is the most played rivalry in college football as well as the longest running rivalry having been played every year since 1897. Due to the long running nature of the rivalry, there is a lot of animosity between the two schools making it one of the fiercest rivalries in college football. The Rivalry is a must-see for any football fan, and you won’t want to miss Lehigh take home the game ball, so make sure to get tickets to the Lafayette-Lehigh game.

2. Marching 97

Enjoy the performance of the Marching 97 at the game. The Marching 97 put on a fantastic show and provide lots of atmosphere throughout the game. Stay in your seat when you see them take the field as you wouldn’t want to miss their pregame or halftime show.

3. Mocos

One of the most popular tailgating traditions among students is morning cocktails, or mocos, on campus before the game. If you’re a Lehigh student, then don’t miss out on this fun tradition.

4. Clutch

Clutch is Lehigh’s beloved mascot, and he gets into all kinds antics throughout the game. You never know what Clutch kind of trouble will get into next so keep an eye out for him during the game.

5. Cheerleaders

Join the LU cheerleaders as they cheer the Mountain Hawks onto victory. The cheerleaders lead a variety of cheers and chants, so join in and show your support for Lehigh.

6. Neon

Make sure to dress in neon when attending a Lehigh football game. A lot of Lehigh students wear neon to games rather than Lehigh’s school colors of brown and white creating a fun atmosphere.

7. Dance Team

Don’t leave your seat when you see the dance team take the field. The dance team puts on an incredible show and will dazzle you with their routines making them a must-see part of any Mountain Hawks game.

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