1. Pork Racers

One of the most entertaining parts of attending an IronPigs game is the Pork Racers. The wacky race ran by Diggity, Chris P. Bacon, and Hambone is a must-see, so make sure to stay in your seat when you hear the race is starting.

2. Coke Bottle

Don’t miss snapping a picture of the giant coke bottle on top of the scoreboard. The Coke bottle even shoots off fireworks after every IronPigs home run, which is a must-see when attending an IronPigs game.

3. Coca-Cola Park Tour

Take a tour of Coca-Cola Park before the game to see what goes on behind the scenes. The 60-minute tour gives you a glimpse of the press box, clubhouses, dugouts, and more making it an excellent experience for any diehard IronPigs or baseball fan.

4. Bacon Strip

The Bacon Strip is located in the right field power alley and provides fans with bar seating making it the perfect place to drink a beer while watching the game. Those of you bringing a large group to the game will especially enjoy the Bacon Strip as it can accommodate groups of 20 or more

5. FeRROUS and FeFe

Keep an eye out for FeRROUS and FeFe when attending an IronPigs game. FeRROUS and FeFe put on an excellent show at every IronPigs game, and you won’t want to miss your chance to give them a high-five when you pass them on the concourse.

6. Pig Pen

If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it’s like to watch the game from the bullpen at Coca-Cola Park, then the Pig Pen is just the thing for you. The Pig Pen provides you with a field level view right next to the bullpen as well as all in-seat food and drinks making it the premier way to watch a game at Coca-Cola Park.

7. Hot Corner

The Hot Corner provides a one of a kind view of the game as it puts you field level along the third base line. If you want to experience this unique way to watch the game, then reserve the Hot Corner today.

8. Majestic Clubhouse Store

Pick up a souvenir from the Majestic Clubhouse Store during your visit to Coca-Cola Park. The Majestic Clubhouse Store is home to a wide selection of IronPigs merchandise so no matter what you’re looking for you’ll likely find it here.

9. PorkCenter

Those of you who want to stay up to date with other sports action and social media will want to stop by PorkCenter. Here you’ll find a quad-screen providing you with all the info you want as well as the ability to interact with the IronPigs both in-person and through social media.

10. Red Robin KidsZone

Take the kids to the Red Robin KidsZone in left field to help them work off all their excess energy. The Red Robin KidsZone is home to a playground as well as a variety of kids games and activities making it the perfect place to tire out the kids before the game starts.

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