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The Flames have been on an upward trajectory since they joined the FCS in 1989, and in 2018 will become members of the FBS. As a result of the team’s success over the years, Liberty has developed quite the following. Fans come out in large numbers to support their team, and the strong support for the team is evident on game days as you’ll find Williams Stadium packed full of Flames fans.

One thing to keep in mind when attending a Flames game is that the majority of the seating at Williams Stadium is general admission, so you’ll want to arrive early to get a good spot. The games open around two hours before kickoff and if you’re bringing kids to the game make sure to stop by the Flames Fan Zone near Gate 1.

In addition to excellent fan support and a fun team to watch, Liberty games also feature fantastic spirit squads. The marching band always puts on a good show and the Flames mascot Sparky and the cheer team are top-notch as well.

If you’re looking for a fun FCS in-game experience, then look no further than Liberty where you’ll get to watch one of the best teams in the FCS surrounded by a stadium full of diehard fans.

Things to check out

Flames Kids Zone

The Flames Kids Zone is located near Gate 1 and is the perfect place to take restless kids. At the Flames Kid Zone, you’ll find games, inflatables, and much more. If you want to stop by the Flames Kids Zone, just make sure to do so early in the game as it closes after the third quarter.


Enjoy the firework show that takes place after every Flames score. The firework show is an excellent way to celebrate each touchdown and field goal and gets everyone pumped up to cheer on the Flames.

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Marching Band

Like most NCAA football games, the band is a big part of the pageantry on display at a Flames game. The band puts on an excellent performance before and during the game and is a can’t miss part of any Liberty football game.

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Sparky is the official mascot of the Liberty Flames and is a fun part of any Flames game. He gets into a variety of antics throughout the game and is loved by fans young and old, so keep an eye out for Sparky during the game.

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Nobody keeps the fans up and cheering quite like the cheerleaders. The Liberty cheerleaders perform a variety of routines throughout the game, so join in the cheers and show your support for the Flames.

Fight Songs

  1. “Fan the Flames”

    Fan the Flames! Fan the Flames!
    Fan the Flames of Liberty!
    Fan the Flames! Fan the Flames!
    Fan the Flames of Victory!
    Fan the Flames and be true
    To the Red, White and Royal Blue
    Let the fire in your name set the spirit aflame
    Win a vict’ry for ol’ LU!

  2. “Liberty University Alma Mater”

    Champions, arise and seek the prize
    of Knowledge Aflame!
    Stand, tall and proud, and cry aloud
    your Savior to proclaim!
    Here upon this mountain,
    e’er our song shall be:
    Where the spirit of the Lord is,
    there is Liberty,
    Where the spirit of the Lord is,
    there is Liberty!

  3. Go Flames Go!

    Go Flames Go!

  4. First Down Chant

    Join in the first down chant after every Flames first down. The PA announcer will say, “That’s another Liberty…” and the crowd will respond, “First down! Ohhh, move those chains, move those chains, move those chains, haaaaah!

  5. Be Early. Be Loud. Wear Red!

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