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The atmosphere at the Jack Stephens Center can rival just about any in the Sun Belt Conference when the Trojans are on a roll. The Little Rock students and alumni come out in strong numbers to support their team when they’re doing well, and you’ll find nearly a full house when the team has a full head of steam. Even when the Trojans are struggling, you’ll still find plenty of die hard in the stands as Little Rock residents have a lot of pride in this team.

In addition to a fun atmosphere, you’ll also get to experience a game at one of the finest arenas in the Sun Belt when attending a Trojans basketball game. The Jack Stephens Center opened in 2005 and features a wealth of amenities that make attending a game hear an enjoyable experience. Additionally, no matter where you’re sitting you’ll have an excellent view of all the action on the court.

Finally, UALR has a beautiful campus, so take some time before the game to explore the campus and see what is going on at the university.

A Trojans game is a fun road trip destination for any Sun Belt basketball fan, so don’t wait to start planning your trip to Little Rock.

Things to check out


Hanging above the court are banners celebrating the Trojans many conference championships and NCAA Tournament appearances. The banners are a must-see for anyone wanting to remember the best moments in Trojans basketball history, so make sure to check them out.

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Pom Squad

The UALR pom squad entertains the crowd throughout the game and is a can’t miss part of any Little Rock Trojans game. The pom squad puts on an incredible performance, so enjoy the show when attending a game at the Jack Stephens Center.

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Pep Band

The pep band creates a lively atmosphere at the Jack Stephens Center. The band is a big part of any college hoops game, and it's no different at UALR where the band is among the best parts of any Trojans game.

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Jack Attack

The students in the Jack Attack are some of the most diehard, and loyal Trojans fans out there. The members of the Jack Attack are loud and wild throughout the game, so keep an eye out for them as you wouldn’t want to miss their exploits.

Fight Songs

  1. UALR Fight Song

  2. UALR Spirit

    Alma Mater

    We lift our hearts and minds to seek
    Our worlds beyond.
    WITH U-A-L-R spirit
    We make our human bond
    With confidence and trust
    The Trojan student knows with U-A-L-R spirit
    Our human wisdom grows.
    Our challenge is the stars,
    Our aim is clear and true.
    With U-A-L-R spirit
    We pledge our hearts anew.

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