You’ll want to get to Tempe Diablo Stadium well before the game to make the most out of your trip to see the Angels at spring training. The spring training facility provides you with the chance to see all your favorite players, including Mike Trout, practice in preparation for the upcoming season as well as the opportunity to tailgate with your friends and family.

The ability to watch team practices is one of the biggest draws of attending spring training. Diehard fans love seeing their favorite players gear up for the season as well as the unparalleled access to the players that spring training provides. Come out to watch team practices early in spring training or catch some batting practice before the game when attending Angels spring training in Tempe.

Additionally, the Angels allow tailgating with gas grills in the parking lots at Tempe Diablo Stadium, making a trip to an Angels spring training game the perfect time to get the first tailgate of the season under your belt. Fans from all over come to watch the Angels spring training games allowing you to meet and carouse with tons of die-hard Angels fans in the parking lots.

Get to Tempe Diablo Stadium early in the day to get the full Angels spring training experience.


Angels Practices

The Angels practice fields are next to the stadium, and practices begin between 9:30 and 10:00 am. The team takes their batting practice before the game on Field #1, which can be seen from the parking lot behind left field.

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Tempe’s Twin Buttes

Tempe Diablo Stadium is bordered by one of Tempe’s Twin Buttes, so make sure to catch a glimpse of it before or during the game. The butte gives the ballpark a unique look and feel, and it's a can’t-miss part of attending a game here in Tempe.

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Angels Signage

Take in all the Angels signage around the outside of the ballpark. The signs do a great job of letting you know who the home team is and help make the ballpark much more photogenic for Angels fans looking to grab a few selfies outside the park.

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Where to tailgate

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