1. Outfield Extravaganza/California Spectacular

Beyond the center field wall is the Outfield Extravaganza, also referred to as the California Spectacular. This signature piece of Angel Stadium was modeled and built after the California coastline. This beautiful area of the park includes a 90-foot-high geyser, fireworks, and pyrotechnics to celebrate great plays on the field. When the geysers erupt, water shoots out and cascades along the side of Pride Rock, a mountain filled with real trees from California. The fireworks are on display at the start of the game, after Angel’s home run, and after every Angel victory, so don’t miss them when attending a game at the Big A.

2. Big A

Angels Stadium is nicknamed the “Big A” after the park’s original scoreboard. Today the giant A stands in the parking lot, so don’t miss it as you enter.

3. Gene Autry Statue

The courtyard near Gate 2 is home to the statue of the iconic singing cowboy Gene Autry. Autry served as the Angels club owner from 1960 to 1998 and is a big part of the franchise’s history, so stop by and check out the statue honoring him before entering the stadium.

4. Rally Monkey

The Rally Monkey appears when the Angels are losing or tied during the seventh inning, potentially earlier if the situation calls for it. The Rally Monkey was born in 2000 after the Angels scoreboard showed a clip from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and rallied to win the game. The tradition has been going strong ever since and reached national prominence during the Angels World Series run in 2002.

5. "Win One for the Cowboy"

“Win one for the Cowboy” can be heard throughout the stadium in homage to the Angels founder Gene Autry. In his thirty-eight years as the owner, he never saw his team win a World Series. After his passing, the Angels won the World Series in 2002, and one of Autry’s white Stetson hats was brought onto the field by Angels player Tim Salmon.

6. Giant Angels Hats

Right outside the main entrance of the stadium are two, massive Angels baseball hats, complete with New Era tags on the sweatband. Stop by and snap a picture with the hats before entering the game to commemorate your trip to Angels Stadium.

7. Brick Infield

Outside the home plate gate is a full sized brick infield, complete with a regulation pitcher’s mound and lighted bases. Located at each position are bricks engraved with the names of every Angels player who has played that position on Opening Day since the Angels joined the AL in 1961. For a fee, Angels fans can personalize the green infield bricks and forever be a part of Angel Stadium at Anaheim.

8. Thundersticks

The Angels were the first North American sports team to use thundersticks in their game when fans used them in the 2002 World Series Championship. Pick up a pair of thundersticks and join in the tradition.

9. Pepsi Perfect Game Pavilion

This interactive area is geared towards kids, but offers fun for the whole family. The pavilion is located in the right field terrace so make your way over with the young ones to have some fun during the game.

10. Stadium Promenade

The Stadium Promenade is home to several excellent places to grab a bite to eat before the game including Lazy Dog Cafe, Who Song & Larry’s Cal-Mex Cantina, The Pint House, and much more. There’s also a large theater in the Promenade as well if you want to catch a movie before taking in an Angels game.

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