Chargers fans take tailgating seriously and as such you’ll want to make sure you get to the StubHub Center early to get the most out of your Chargers game day experience. Typically Chargers fans get to the game over four hours before the game, so getting to the game early is imperative if you want a good spot.

Chargers fans also Tailgate rain or shine, no matter what the weather. While for the most part Chargers fans experience nice weather being located in Los Angeles, there still is a chance that things could take a turn for the worse. That, however, doesn’t bother Chargers fans who will be out tailgating in full force whether it’s 100-degree heat or hail.

In addition to being diehard tailgaters, Chargers fans are also very friendly and welcoming not only to fellow Chargers fans but also to fans of opposing teams as well. Bring some brews and delicious food to grill and join in on the pre-game festivities. Here you’ll find plenty of delicious Los Angeles cuisine as well as a lot of fun tailgate games that are perfect for fans of all ages. When attending your next Chargers, make sure to get to the game early and join in on the great time that is a Chargers tailgate.


Bud Light Chargers Power Party

The Chargers Power Party offers plenty of fun pregame activities. Here you’ll find not only a great selection of food and beverages, but also HD TVs, games, prizes, and even the opportunity to meet Chargers Girls.

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Where to tailgate

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