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Up until recently, Clippers fans haven’t had a lot to cheer about, but thanks to the emergence of Lob City you’ll see one of the most entertaining teams in the NBA during your visit to Los Angeles. The atmosphere inside Staples Center for Clippers game is also incredible as the fans here are among the more die-hard of all LA fan bases. Clipper Darrell, in particular, will get things going with his chants and taunting of the opposition.

In addition to the rowdy fans, the Clips also put on display posters of current players and other Clippers paraphernalia to help give Staples Center a Clippers feel. These banners and wall coverings do an excellent job of letting you know you’re at a Clippers game. However, the Lakers banners and stuff are still around for those of you visiting fans who want to check those out.

The concessions and neighborhood also play a significant role in making a trip to a Clippers game an enjoyable experience. Inside the arena, you’ll be able to find a variety of different type of concessions that will quench your thirst and fill you up. Camacho’s Nachos, Wetzel’s Pretzels, and Smoke House BBQ will all satisfy any appetite and leave you more than content. Outside of the Arena, LA Live is located right next door, so there are plenty of places to grab something to eat or drink.

If you want to experience an NBA game in LA for a fraction of a price then attending a Clippers game is a great option that features its unique flare as well as a great team.

Things to check out

Sports Museum

The Sports Museum inside Staples Center is the best place learn about Los Angeles sports history. In the museum, you’ll find lots of memorabilia and exhibits showcasing all the biggest moments, teams, and players in LA history. Make sure to stop by the Sports Museum before the game.

Sportscenter Studio

Located across the street from Staples Center is the Sportscenter Studio. Sportscenter is one of the most popular sports show in the history of TV, so if you’re a big ESPN fan check it out before the game.

LA Live

LA Live is home to lots of pregame entertainment options including restaurants and movie theaters among others. If you’re looking for somewhere to hang out before the game, then you can’t go wrong spending some time at LA Live.

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Gretzky Statue

Even if you aren’t a big hockey fan no trip to Staples Center is complete without snapping a pic with The Great One. Not only is Gretzky the greatest player in NHL history, but he also played a significant role in the sports success in Southern California so stop by and pay tribute to him.

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Championship Banners

Take in the history of one of the greatest franchises in the NBA when visiting Staples Center. Sure the banners are for the Lakers, but if you’re a fan of the visiting team that doesn’t matter to you. Sorry Clippers fans.

Clipper Darrell

Superfan Clipper Darrell energizes the crowd and team with his chants, taunts, and dances. He’s the Clips biggest fan, so keep your eyes peeled for him at the game and join in on his chants to get behind the Clippers.

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Celebrity Fans

With the Clippers being based in LA you’ll never know what celebrities you’ll see supporting the team. Billy Crystal, Penny Marshall, and Frankie Muniz are all huge Clippers fans, so it's highly likely you’ll see one of them if you look hard enough.

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Clippers Spirit

The Clippers Spirit dance squad puts on an incredible show and will keep you entertained throughout the breaks in the action. Stay in your seat as you won’t want to miss these dancers perform.

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The Clipper’s mascot Chuck bring a smile to you and old fans faces and is a big part of the Clippers game day. Keep an eye out for Chuck during the game as you never know what shenanigans he’ll get into next.

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Hoop Troop

The Hoop Troop pumps up the Staples Center crowd through a variety of promotions and performances. Their enthusiasm is infectious, so you won’t be able to help but get amped up for the Clippers when the Hoop Troop is around.

Fight Songs

  1. Let’s Go Clippers!

    Let’s Go Clippers!

    Let’s Go Clippers!

    Let’s Go Clippers!

  2. Defense Chant




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