Camelback Ranch is one of the most beautiful spring training facilities in the Cactus League, meaning you’ll want to get here early and make the most out of your trip to Dodgers spring training. The gorgeous facility contains several walking trails as well as a five-acre lake, so make sure to take it all in before heading over and watching the Dodgers play ball at the stadium.

You’ll also find several tributes to the Dodgers’ previous spring training facility in Vero Beach as well as Dodger Stadium. The orange grove is a nod to Dodgertown, and replica Dodger Stadium scoreboard, Tommy Lasorda bobblehead, and giant LA logo all are reminders of the club’s regular-season home. Take some time during your visit to check theme all out to get the full Dodgers spring training experience.

Die-hard Dodgers fans will also want to see their favorite players practice before the game. Practices typically start around 9:30 and are held on the east side of the facility. Get here early and watch all your favorites players such as Clayton Kershaw, Yasiel Puig, and Corey Seager get in shape for the season.

Additionally, Camelback Ranch allows tailgating as well. Fans will enjoy throwing back a few brews with their friends and letting loose in the parking lots before the game. Tailgating is also an excellent way to meet other Dodgers fans, most of which are more than happy to talk ball with fellow fans.

Get to Camelback Ranch early in the day to experience Dodgers spring training to its fullest.


Dodgers Practices

The Dodgers practices are held in the eastern half of the facility and start around 9:30 am, so get here early to catch your favorite Dodgers practicing. You can also find the Chicago White Sox practicing on the eastern portion of the facility during your visit to Camelback Ranch.

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Walking Trails

When attending Dodgers spring training, take some time to walk the trails at Camelback Ranch. The walking trails are a fun part of spring training here and are a great way to get some exercise before the game.

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Five-Acre Lake

Don’t miss the beautiful five-acre lake at Camelback Ranch. The lake separates the White Sox and Dodgers training facilities and is a must-see for anyone visiting Camelback Ranch.

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Walk of Fame

Before entering the stadium for the game, make sure to take a walk along both the White Sox and Dodgers walk of fame. Both team’s walk of fame honors the best players in their franchise histories, and the Dodgers’ Legends Walk celebrates all of the club’s Hall of Famers and All-Stars.

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Enjoy the music being played at the bandstand outside the plaza before the game. The music helps create a fun and festive atmosphere, making it a welcome part of every game day.

Distance Signs

Check out the distance signs to see how far away each White Sox and Dodgers affiliate is from Camelback Ranch. The signs are a nice touch and do a great job of making the facility truly feel like the home of both the White Sox and Dodgers.

Orange Grove

The orange grove at Camelback Ranch pays tribute to the Dodgers’ famed Dodgertown training facility and is a can’t-miss, especially for Dodgers fans. Take some time to enjoy the orange grove before the game.

Tommy Lasorda Bobblehead

Tommy Lasorda is one of the best managers in the history of baseball and what better way to celebrate his career with the Dodgers than by commemorating him with a bobblehead. The bobblehead, which makes its permanent home in right field at Dodger Stadium, can be seen near the Dodgers spring training building.

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Replica Dodger Stadium Scoreboard

Get a picture with the replica Dodger Stadium scoreboard outside the Dodgers practice fields. The mini-scoreboard is a fun photo op for any Dodgers fan or baseball fan.

Eight-Foot LA logo

The eight-foot LA logo is another fun thing outside the Dodgers practice fields to get a picture with. The logo is similar to the one found outside the main entrance at Dodger Stadium.

Where to tailgate

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