1. Dodger Dog

The 10-inch long Dodger Dog is arguably the most famous hot dog in Major League Baseball due to its superb taste. If you’re a first-timer, make sure you get one of these bad boys. Every bite of this long and juicy hot dog packs a punch!

2. All-You-Can-Eat Pavilion

This all you can eat pavilion is for the fans who get famished from watching the game. It’s totally worth the money especially if you’re with a buddy or two. The place also offers seats for those who just want to be near all that food.

3. The Short Stop

The Short Stop is one of the most recognized bars around Dodger Stadium. It offers a huge menu of refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Other than that, it also has this great atmosphere that any Dodgers fan would appreciate. It’s the go-to spot before and after the game, so if you want to get the full Dodgers game day experience then make sure to check out The Short Stop.

4. Elysian Park Grill

Of course, this guide wouldn’t be complete without the Elysian Park Grill, the home of the world’s famous Dodger Dog. The Dodger Dog is so delicious and iconic that even if you know the whole history of the Dodgers team but never tried the Dodger Dog, you wouldn’t be considered as a true Dodger fan.

5. Lexus Dugout Club

The Lexus Dugout Club is home to the most luxurious experience you can have at Dodger Stadium. The Dugout Club is home to the best seats in the stadium and you’ll have access to a concierge service, private martini lounge, a full bar, and restaurant (buffet style). What more could a fan ask for!

6. Philippe the Original

Ah yes, a classic restaurant to go to enjoy the best french dip ever! Whenever there is a game, it is no doubt that you’ll always see fans with food from Philippe The Original and if you’re one of those who doesn’t get food from this popular restaurant, you’d be regarded as an outcast! We wouldn’t want that now, would we?

7. Dodgers Legends Mural

Check out the Dodgers legends mural near the right field gate. The mural honors all of the greatest players in Dodgers history including Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, and Sandy Koufax among others.

8. Life-Size Bobbleheads and other Exhibits

Take a stroll around the Dodger Stadium concourse before the game and see everything Dodger Stadium has to offer. There are tons of life-size bobbleheads and other historical exhibits on display, so check them all out during your trip to Dodger Stadium.

9. Dodger-Giants Rivalry

The Dodgers-Giants rivalry isn’t just any rivalry. This rivalry is considered to be on of the best rivalries in MLB history. The games between these two teams always sparks a fire inside fans of both these teams, so make sure to get tickets to a Dodgers-Giants game if you want to see Dodger Stadium at its best.

10. Think Blue Bars

The Think Blue Bars have some of the most refreshing beers around. If you want to get an alcoholic drink while watching a Dodgers game, then make sure to stop by the Think Blue Bars.

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