1. Gretzky Statue

No trip to Staples Center is complete without snapping a pic with The Great One. Not only is Gretzky the greatest player in NHL history, but he also played a significant role in the sports success in Southern California so stop by and pay tribute to him.

2. Sports Museum

The Sports Museum inside Staples Center is the best place learn about Los Angeles sports history. In the museum, you’ll find lots of memorabilia and exhibits showcasing all the biggest moments, teams, and players in LA history. Make sure to stop by the Sports Museum before the game.

3. Championship Banners

The Kings have had a lot of recent success hanging two Stanley Cup Champions banners in the last several years, so make sure to check those out when attending a Kings game.

4. Bailey the Lion

Bailey is the official mascot of the Los Angeles Kings, and you can see him entertaining the crowd throughout the game. Fans young and old love Bailey, so keep your eyes peeled for him during the game.

5. Spotscenter Stduio

Located across the street from Staples Center is the Sportscenter Studio. Sportscenter is one of the most popular sports show in the history of TV, so if you’re a big ESPN fan check it out before the game.

6. LA Live

LA Live is home to lots of pregame entertainment options including restaurants and movie theaters among others. If you’re looking for somewhere to hang out before the game, then you can’t go wrong spending some time at LA Live.

7. Skating Rink

LA Live features a skating rink during the holidays and is the perfect place to get in a skate during your trip to Los Angeles. Southern California may not be known as a winter wonderland, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some winter fun during your visit.

8. Ice Crew

The Kings Ice Crew keeps everyone engaged during stoppages in play. They perform a variety of different promotions and skating routines, so don’t miss the Ice Crew during your trip to Staples Center.

9. Jay Flats

Jay Flats has been energizing Los Angeles crowds for almost a decade as the Kings in-game host. Flats gets everyone up and cheering during games and is a key component to the Kings game day presentation.

10. Magic Johnson and Shaq Statues

Even if you’re not a big basketball fan, make sure to stop by the Magic Johnson and Shaq statues. Magic and Shaq are two of the greatest players in Lakers history, and there is no better way to honor these legends than to stop by their statues. Grab a picture with these statues to remember your visit to LA.

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