1. Mike the Tiger

Mike is the name of both the live and costumed versions of LSU’s official mascott. During home football games, Mike’s cage on wheels is positioned right outside the opponent’s locker room at the southeast end of the stadium, forcing the opposing team to run past him to access the field. Mike also rides through Tiger Stadium with the LSU cheerleaders before the game. When it is time for a new tiger to be found, LSU fans await the white smoke that will blow from the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine signifying a new mascot has been found.

2. Victory Hill

One of the must-see pregame events at LSU is the team walk from Victory Hill. The LSU football players, coaches, cheerleaders, and Mike the Tiger (in his cage, of course) walk down Victory Hill on North Stadium Drive before each home game at Tiger Stadium. Thousands of fans will line up to greet and cheer on their team, firing them up for a great day of football inside Death Valley. You’ll have a great time cheering on the Tigers as they enter the stadium before taking the field.

3. Welcome to Death Valley

LSU wants their opponents to know exactly where they are and that is Death Valley, one of the loudest and most intimidating stadiums in all of college football. LSU wears this title proudly and has massive lettering inside the stadium proclaiming “Welcome to Death Valley.”

4. Crossbar from Original Goalposts

The crossbar from the goalposts that stood inside Tiger Stadium has been mounted above the door which leads from the LSU locker room onto the playing field. The crossbar also has the word “Win!” painted on it to give the players some extra motivation.

5. First, Second, and Third Down Cheers

The first down cheer includes the “Hold That Tiger” musical phrase from Tiger Rag played by the LSU band and is followed by a “Geaux Tigers.” The second down cheer is a musical selection followed by the fans chanting “L-S-U!” and finally, the third down cheer is based on the song “Eye of the Tiger.”

6. Best Tailgate in the Nation

Louisiana State University has been consistently ranked as one of the top tailgating locations in the United States. With accolades such as “The Top Tailgating Destination in America” (ESPN.com) and  “The Best Tradition in College Football” (The Sporting News), it’s no wonder that the tailgating scene regularly draws in over 90,000 fans to Tiger Stadium.

7. White Jerseys

One of the unique things about the LSU Tigers is their white home jerseys, as most NCAA teams will wear their darker color jersey for home games. The tradition started in 1958 when Coach Paul Dietzal decided the Tigers would wear white at home and ended up winning a national championship that year. Due to rule changes in the NCAA, the only time LSU currently wear their white jerseys is for the home opener and home games against their SEC opponents.

8. Hot Boudin

Before and during football games, fans will yell this cheer about famous food in Louisiana. “Hot boudin, cold cush

-coush (pronounced koosh-koosh), come on Tigers, push push push (pronounced poosh to rhyme with koosh)!”

9. Tiger Bandits

Whenever LSU forces a turnover or gets the ball back via a defensive stop, the band will play Chinese (Tiger) Bandits while the fans bow in respect to the defensive line.

10. Magnolia Bowl

The traditional SEC rivalry between Louisiana State University and Ole Miss is referred to as the Magnolia Bowl and is most often the second to last regular season game for both schools. Throughout the fifties and sixties, each matchup seemed to hold a conference or even national title implications, and the rivalry is still going strong between these two programs.

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