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The Dunkin’ Dogs, as they’re called, have produced several NBA stars over the years including Karl Malone and Paul Millsap, so you could be watching some future greats when attending a Louisiana Tech basketball game. The Bulldogs have been putting some good teams on the court the last few years having won two of the last three Conference USA regular season titles making a trip to Ruston an excellent opportunity for fans to see an up and coming mid-major team.

In addition to being home to a fun team, the Thomas Assembly Center is home to several tributes to the Bulldogs and Lady Techsters basketball programs. Right when you walk into the arena, you’ll be greeted by a display showcasing the best moments in Bulldogs and Lady Techsters history, including the Lady Techsters’ three national championship trophies. The Thomas Assembly Center is also home to several banners honoring the teams as well, so make sure to check them out as well.

Before the game join in on the tailgates going on around the arena, or stop by one of the favorite local spots around Ruston. Ruston is home to some great restaurants as well as terrific bars, including the Dawg House Sports Grill, so take some time to explore the area.

You’ll have a good time attending a Louisiana Tech basketball game where the action on the court and history around the arena create an enjoyable trip for college hoops fans.

Things to check out

Basketball Displays

At the main entrance, you’ll find two displays dedicated to the Louisiana Tech basketball programs. The exhibits do an excellent job of showcasing the school’s success in both men’s and women's basketball, so make sure to check them out. You’ll especially want to take some time to see the Lady Techsters’ three national championship trophies.


Hanging above the court are the banners celebrating the biggest accomplishments and best players in Bulldogs and Lady Techsters history. The banners honor legendary players including Karl Malone and Paul Millsap, so take them all in when attending a Bulldogs basketball game.

Team Shop

You won’t have to worry about leaving a Bulldogs game empty handed, as the LA Tech team shop is full of all kinds of Bulldogs gear. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find a souvenir to your liking at the team shop inside The TAC.


Keep your eyes peeled for Louisiana Tech’s live mascot, Tech, when attending a Bulldogs basketball game. Tech is a big part of any Bulldogs sporting events, so don’t miss him during your trip to Ruston.


Champ is the costumed mascot at LA Tech and can be seen entertaining the crowd throughout the game. Tech performs all kinds of gags at games and does an excellent job of engaging with fans, so be on alert for him at the game.

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Hoop Troop

The Hoop Troop rallies the crowd with their tunes and is a key component of any Bulldogs basketball game. These talented musicians put on quite the show at Tech games, so enjoy the atmosphere they create inside the Thomas Assembly Center.

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Fight Songs

  1. Fight Song

    Fight! Fight! Fight! For ole red and blue!
    Show your might and we’ll root for you!

    Get on your toes when you meet your foes,
    and don’t let them break through!


    Hit those lines like good ole canines!
    Break through for a touchdown or two!

    Hold up your chin and let’s all go in
    to win for the red and blue!

  2. Alma Mater

    O Tech, thy halls so beautiful,
    Thy pleasant walks, thy noble trees,
    That charmed me in my college days,
    Are ever dear to me.

    Louisiana Tech I love thee,
    My Alma Mater, my Alma Mater;
    I will ever loyal be
    To thee, my Alma Mater.
    Those old Tech days, those joyful days,
    So cherished in my memory,
    Though days of toil, in many ways
    Were happy days and free.

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