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Louisiana Tech games are truly a small school football experience, the first thing you’ll notice is the fan support is overwhelming and comparable to a major program.  The town takes pride in the team and pretty much shuts down as everyone heads out to the game each time the Dawgs take the field.  

The notorious fan group, the Rabid Dawgs, embodies the spirit of the fans to a T. These individuals can be seen dressed in full colors while wearing Dawg heads barking, chanting and hollering at opponents. The rest of the fans join in with the Rapid Dawgs belt out chants like “MOVE THE CHAINS, MOVE THE CHAINS, SCORE MORE POINTS,” after every Bulldog first down.  The chant is a traditional favorite of the fans, and when they join in unison, it creates a  thundering atmosphere in the stadium. A word of advice is to avoid wearing away colors the day you are going to the game because the passionate Rabid Dawgs will let you hear it throughout the game.

If you want to experience the best atmosphere at Joe Aillet Stadium then make sure to attend the annual “red out” game. It’s an excellent opportunity to see the Bulldog fans at their best and the stadium looks like a sea of red with everyone from the players to the alumni dressed head to toe in red.

Things to check out

Spirit of ‘88

The Spirit of ‘88 is a bronze bulldog statue located at the south end of the stadium. It commemorates the 1988 Louisiana Tech Bulldogs football team, who were pivotal in the programs ascension to Division I-A. The statue also plays a major role in a pregame tradition, as before each game Bulldogs players touch the statue as they make their way onto the field.


The giant video scoreboard sits in the north end zone and is 25 by 45 feet. The scoreboard was the largest in the WAC when it was unveiled in 2009. Dawgzilla gives fans an excellent view of replays as well as the action on the field, so you’ll never have to worry about missing a play.

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Fire Bell

In 1968 Ruston’s old fire bell was moved to Joe Aillet Stadium, which has sparked a great tradition where the bell is rung before every football game. The tradition not only signals to fans that the game is about to start, but it also pays tribute to the bravery of a bulldog who lost his life saving two Tech students from a fire in 1899.


Tech is the live bulldog mascot at Louisiana Tech. He is an English bulldog and can be seen on the sidelines at every Louisiana Tech game. Keep your eyes peeled for him during the game as you wouldn’t want to miss this fan favorite.

The Rabid Dawgs

The Rabid Dawgs is the nickname given to the passionate LA Tech students who aren't afraid to paint themselves head to toe in team colors. The student section leads all the chants throughout the game and enhances the “in game” experience.

Band of Pride

The official 184 man band of Louisiana State creates a lot of the atmosphere at a Bulldogs game. They put on excellent pregame and halftime shows as well, so make sure to get to your seat early as you wouldn’t want to miss their outstanding performance.

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Fight Songs

  1. Fight Song

    Fight! Fight! Fight! For ole red and blue!
    Show your might and we’ll root for you!
    Get on your toes when you meet your foes,
    and don’t let them break through!  TECH! TECH! TECH! Hit those lines like good ole canines!
    Break through for a touchdown or two!  Hold up your chin and let’s all go in
    to win for the red and blue!

  2. Alma Mater

    O Tech, thy halls so beautiful,
    Thy pleasant walks, thy noble trees,
    That charmed me in my college days,
    Are ever dear to me.  (Chorus)
    Louisiana Tech I love thee,
    My Alma Mater, my Alma Mater;
    I will ever loyal be
    To thee, my Alma Mater.
    Those old Tech days, those joyful days,
    So cherished in my memory,
    Though days of toil, in many ways
    Were happy days and free.


    Move the chains! Move the Chains! Score more points!

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