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There is no better way to spend a summer evening in Louisville than by taking in a Bats game at Louisville Slugger Field. Bats games offer something for everyone and are a fun time no matter what your age or how big of a baseball fan you.

If you’re a huge baseball fan, then there is a lot to love about attending a Bats game. Louisville Bats games give you the opportunity to see future Cincinnati Reds take the field against top minor league competition from all over baseball. Louisville Slugger Field is also home to a Hall of Fame that features artifacts and memorabilia from Louisville’s extensive baseball history, and you can even get autographs from your favorite players before the game.

More casual fans and those of you bringing young kids to the game will enjoy the carousel in right field which is unique to Louisville Slugger Field. You also won’t want to miss the in-game entertainment, which features the ever popular Buddy Bat.

No matter how big of a baseball fan you are, you’ll have a fantastic time taking in a game at Louisville Slugger Field.

Things to check out

Hall of Fame

Learn more about the history of baseball in Louisville by taking some time to view the Hall of Fame at Louisville Slugger Field. The museum features all kinds of memorabilia including photos, championship banners, and more.


Located next to the right field bleachers the carousel is a great place to take the kids or yourself during the game. Rides cost $1 and are fun for the whole family making a carousel ride a must for anyone attending a Bats game.

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If you want to get an autograph from your favorite Bats player, then stop by the railing near the field. Autographs are available up to 20 minutes before the game giving you plenty of time to snag a signature.

Overlook Deck

The Overlook Deck is located in right-center field and is the perfect place to grab a snack during the game. Not only is the Overlook Deck home to concession stands it also features a picnic area as well making it a great spot for groups to gather.

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Louisville Slugger Field Tour

Get a behind the scenes tour of Louisville Slugger Field through the stadium tour. The tour begins in the Hall of Fame and shows you the press box, clubhouse, dugout and more.

All-You-Can-Eat Seats

The All-You-Can-Eat Seats provide you with an all you can eat two-hour buffet that is located on either the Right Field Patio Deck or in the Hall of Fame Pavilion. Those of you looking for a group outing will without a doubt want to consider reserving All-You-Can-Eat Seats at a Bats game.

Team Store

The team store is the best place to pick up a souvenir during your trip to Louisville Slugger Field. The store is home to a variety of bats merchandise including caps, jerseys, t-shirts, and more.

Buddy Bat

The Bats mascot Buddy Bat gets into all kinds of antics during the game making him a can’t miss part of any Louisville Bats game. Fans young and old love Buddy Bat, so make sure to give him a high-five if you see him on the concourse.

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