1. Throwing up an “L”

One of the best ways to show off your school spirit is through Louisville’s “L” hand signal. To make this signal just stick your right thumb out while raising your index and middle finger. This hand signal is an excellent way to show off your Cardinals pride, and if you use it often, you’ll make friends quickly at the game.

2. Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame

Stop by the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame to see tributes to all of the best athletes to come from the state. The Hall of Fame honors Louisville legends such as Johnny Unitas and Wes Unseld making it a must-see for any sports fan.

3. Louisville-Kentucky Rivalry

College basketball is king in Kentucky, so if shouldn’t surprise you that there is a great deal of animosity between the two largest programs in the state. The Louisville-Kentucky rivalry is one of the best in college basketball and was even ranked the third best rivalry in college basketball by college basketball analyst Dick Vitale. Louisville and Kentucky are always among the best teams in the country, so you’ll be in for a treat when attending a Louisville-Kentucky game.

4. Cheerleading & Ladybirds

Both the cheerleaders and dance squads at Louisville are critically acclaimed. The cheerleading squad has won 15 national titles, and the dance squad known as the Ladybirds are no slouches either having cemented seven national titles of their own. The basketball game isn’t the only show on display at the KFC Yum! Center as these two squads are sure to put on quite a performance of their own.

5. Cardinal Bird

The Cardinal Bird, or Louie as many fans call him, was named the 2004 National Cheerleaders Association’s Most Collegiate Mascot Award. You can see him at every Cardinals home game interacting with fans and energizing the crowd, so keep an eye out for him when in Louisville.

6. Banners

Hanging from the rafters are banners honoring all of the Cardinals national championship, Final Four, and conference championship winning teams. Take a glance at the banners to remember all of your favorite teams from over the years.

7. Team Store

If you’re looking to pick up a souvenir from your trip to Louisville then make sure to check out the Cardinals team store inside the KFC Yum! Center. Here you’ll find a wide variety of Louisville gear including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and much more.

8. Louisville-Memphis Rivalry

Louisville and Memphis have an intense rivalry that spans multiple sports. The rivalry has spanned across four conferences and always produces heated matchups regardless of where the two teams are in the standings. Make sure to get your tickets when the Tigers come to town as you wouldn’t want to miss it.

9. Billy Minardi Classic

The Billy Minardi Classic is an annual doubleheader held at the KFC Yum! Center. The event is named after Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino’s brother-in-law who died in the September 11 Attacks. Come on out to the Billy Minardi Classic to see some of the best teams in the country square off right here in Louisville.

10. Concourse Displays

Take a stroll around the concourse before the game to see all of the wall hangings at the KFC Yum! Center. it is right when you walk in you’ll be treated to a large mural dedicated to the university, and there is much more to see, so take it all in during your visit.

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