1. Jump Around Guy

Golden Eagle’s superfan Rick Smith is better known as “Jump Around Guy” due to his enthusiasm when House of Pain’s “Jump Around” comes on. Keep an eye out for Jump Around Guy as you wouldn’t want to miss him when attending a Marquette basketball game.

2. Marquette-Wisconsin Rivalry

The Golden Eagles have an intense rivalry with in-state rivals Wisconsin. The two teams meet every season, and there are always plenty of fans of both teams in attendance, which creates an electric atmosphere. The tension inside the Bradley Center is always high when these two meet, so don’t miss a Marquette-Wisconsin game.

3. Championship and Retired Number Banners

During your visit to the Bradley Center, make sure to check out Marquette’s championship and retired number banners that hang from the rafters. These banners honor the great Marquette teams of the 1970s as well as all-time greats such as Dwyane Wade and Al McGuire.

4. BigNoggins

A common site in college basketball today are the big head cutouts found in just about every arena. Marquette was one of the first programs to embrace the trend, so come prepared to see plenty of them when attending a Golden Eagles basketball game.

5. Marquette Madness

Come on out to the Al Mcguire Center and kick off the Golden Eagle basketball season with Marquette Madness. The basketball showcase is a great experience for any Marquette fan and a fun time for anyone visiting Milwaukee in October.

6. Golden Eagle Mascot

Don’t miss the Golden Eagle mascot when attending a Marquette basketball game. The Golden Eagle entertains the crowd throughout the game and is loved by fans young and old, so keep your eyes peeled for him at the game.

7. Suite and Club Seating

Those of you looking for a premium in game experience will find plenty of options for Marquette games. The Bradley Center is home to a variety of different suites and clubs including the one of a kind Coors Light Silver Bullet and Harley Davidson Suites.

8. Marquette-DePaul Rivalry

Milwaukee and Chicago have an intense rivalry, and that rivalry extends to college basketball as well. The two schools have played in the same conference since both were in Conference USA and the rivalry has grown since. The rivalry between Marquette and DePaul mirrors that of the Packers-Bears and Brewers-Cubs, so don’t miss it when the Blue Demons come to town.

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