1. Wall of Fame

Stop by the Wall of Fame to see all of the best Thundering Herd players from the past. The Wall of Fame honors each player with a portrait of him and is a must-see for any college hoops fan.

2. Marco the Buffalo

Don’t miss Marco the Buffalo when attending a Marshall basketball game. The beloved mascot is a big part of Marshall sporting events, and you never know what he’ll do next, so keep an eye out for him at the game.


3. Capital Classic: Marshall-West Virginia

Every year the Thundering Herd square and Mountaineers off in the state capital. Marshall and West Virginia first met in 1929. However, the matchup didn’t become a regular fixture until 1978. The Mountaineers hold a 33-11 lead in the all-time series, but you’ll always be in for a good matchup when these two meet.

4. Free Throws

Support the Thundering Herd by taking part in the Marshall free throw gesture. During the first shot, fans will raise their arm and make a Hook ‘Em Horns sign with their hand. After the shot is made, bring your arm down and chant “swoosh!. Then for the second shot do the same thing only with both arms.

5. Cheerleaders

The Marshall cheerleaders do an excellent job of leading cheers throughout the game. Their routines get everyone on their feet and involved in the action, so join in on the cheers and show off your Marshall school spirit.

6. Banners

Take a moment before the game starts to check out the banners hanging from the rafters of the Cam Henderson Center. The banners showcase the school’s NCAA Tournament appearances, conference championships, and NIT appearances, so take a minute remember all of your favorite Marshall teams of the past.

7. Marshall-Ohio Rivalry

Marshall and Ohio have a long-running rivalry that stems from the Thundering Herds’ time in the MAC. Despite Marshall’s departure from the MAC, there are still a lot of bragging rights on the line when these two meet, so don’t miss your chance to see Marshall take on Ohio.

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