1. We Are Marshall Stadium Memorial

Located on the front of the stadium, the bronze memorial pays remembrance to the Marshall players and coaches who lost their lives in the 1970 plane crash. Stop by and pay your respects to one of the worst sports-related tragedies in US history.

2. Thunder Clap

Marshall fans celebrate every Thundering Herd score by doing the Thunder Clap. To join in on this excellent tradition, all you have to do is raise your hands over your head and clap them together. Fans clap once for every point the Thundering Herd have scored up to that point in the game.

3. Marco the Buffalo

Marco is the official mascot of Marshall athletics and performs at every Marshall home game. He has been patrolling the sidelines since 1954 and has had many different looks. However, regardless of how his look has evolved over the years, he has always been at the games cheering on the Thundering Herd.

4. Memorial Fountain

While you’re on the Marshall campus, be sure to take a stroll by the memorial fountain which commemorates the lives lost in the plane crash carrying the Marshall football team.  The tragedy united the Marshall students and fan base and played an integral part in the fanbase and program being where it is today.

5. Battle for the Bell

Marshall and Ohio are only separated by 80 miles, which has led to the development of a strong rivalry between these two schools. The rivalry dates back to 1905 when Marshall shutout Ohio 6-0. The winner when these two meet walks away with the bell as well as regional bragging rights. Marshall trails the all-time series 20-33-6 but has gotten the best of the Bobcats in recent times having won the majority of the meetings since 1980.

6. Thunder Walk

The Thunder Walk is a great pregame tradition at Marshall that all fans should take part in. It before the game the Thundering Herd players and coaches make their way from the parking lot to the locker room, which allows for fans to give the team some last minute support before they enter the stadium.

7. Marshall Cheerleaders

The cheerleaders at Marshall play a significant part in the gameday experience and tradition. One of the most famous Marshall cheerleading traditions is that after every Marshall player scores a male cheerleader will press a female cheerleader over his head as many times as the Thundering Herd has scored points. The tradition gets everyone pumped as the crowd goes wild during this routine.

8. Marshall Maniacs

The Marshall Maniacs are the loudest and wildest fans at every Thundering Herd game. The student section here is among the best and go a long way in creating the outstanding atmosphere that makes a Marshall football game a one of a kind experience.

9. Marching Thunder

The Marching Thunder are the official Marshall marching band. They provide excellent entertainment throughout the game, as not only are their pregame and halftime shows legendary, but they also do a superb job of pumping up the crowd at key moments in the game.

10. “WE ARE … MARSHALL” Chant

The WE ARE … MARSHALL chant dates back to the 1970 plane crash that claimed the lives of most of Marshall’s football team. Since then the chant has become a rallying cry for the team and is a staple at every Marshall football game. Make sure to join in on this chant to pump up the team and be a part of the electrifying Marshall crowd.

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