1. First Data 500

The First Data 500 is the oldest NASCAR race still run today dating back to 1949. The race is also part of the NASCAR Cup Series playoffs making it a fantastic time to visit Martinsville. If you want to see one of the most historic races in NASCAR as well as one of the most important races of the season, then make sure to be in attendance for the First Data 500.


2. Grandfather Clock

One of the unique traditions of Martinsville is that the winner of the race walks away with a grandfather clock. The tradition dates back to 1964 and has been going strong ever since. Make sure to catch the victory celebration as you wouldn’t want to miss seeing the winner take home the grandfather clock.

3. Gold Pit Pass

The Gold Pit Pass is your way to see what goes on in the pit leading up to the race. The pass grants you access to the final car inspection, pit box preparation, and even allows you the opportunity to catch a glimpse of your favorite driver. You can’t beat the Gold Pit Pass when it comes to behind the scenes access before the race.

4. The Ultimate

The Ultimate at Martinsville gives you not only exclusive access to pre-race activities. It also allows you to enjoy the race from the pits. If you want to see everything that goes on behind the scenes, then The Ultimate is just the thing for you.

5. Green Flag Experience

If you want to experience Martinsville at its best, then the Green Flag Experience is the thing for you. The Green Flag Experience provides you with photo opportunities, premium access to the driver introductions, and the opportunity to sign the start/finish line.

6. Champion's Overlook

Catch the entire race from your RV thanks to the Champion’s Overlook. The Champion’s Overlook is located above the backstretch and offers an incredible view of the entire track, so if you want to watch the race from your RV make sure to reserve a spot in the Champion’s Overlook.

7. The Presidential

Experience Martinsville at its best with The Presidential. The Presidential gives you exclusive access to race day you won’t find anywhere else. Not only will you have the opportunity to attend the driver’s meeting you’ll also have breakfast with the track president. You can’t beat The Presidential so get your pass today.

8. STP 500

The STP 500 takes place in late March or early April of every year and is a great time to see all your favorite drivers square off. The race is one of the first of the season, so kick off your NASCAR season by taking a trip to Martinsville for the STP 500.

9. Suites

The All-Access, Cardinal, and Dogwood Suite provide you with access to climate controlled suites during the race as well as a breakfast and lunch buffet making it the perfect way to take in a race. If you want to take in the race in the most comfortable way possible, then you can’t beat the All-Access Suite.

10. Club 47

Club 47 is where you’ll find the best in-race experience at Martinsville. The package includes tickets to both the NASCAR Truck Series and Cup Series races over the weekend, a pre-race pass, and a lunch buffet.

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