Tailgating and college football fans in Louisiana will want to check out a McNeese State game. While it may not be LSU, McNeese State still manages to put on a fantastic tailgate that anyone who enjoys tailgating will love. The fans arrive bright and early to get their game day started, and the parking lots surrounding Cowboy Stadium are packed full of royal blue and gold.

McNeese State fans prepare a variety of delicious Louisiana favorites on game day, so come to the tailgate hungry and bring something to share. You’ll find tons of Louisiana cuisine around a McNeese State tailgate including boudin, gumbo, and much more.

Finally, make sure to snap a picture with the cowboy statue outside of the stadium. The statue is a must-see, and a picture with it makes a nice keepsake from your visit to Lake Charles.

Make the most out your trip to McNeese State and get here early to enjoy tailgating McNeese State style.


Mystery Rider Statue

Get a picture with the cowboy statue outside Cowboy Stadium. The statue presents an excellent photo op and a picture with the statue is a fantastic keepsake from your trip to McNeese State as well.

Where to tailgate

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