1. Memphis Music Mural

As you walk along the concourse, look up and take in the impressive mural that pays tribute to some of the best artists to have called Memphis home. The music mural is a cool feature that lets you get a feel not only for the team but the city of Memphis itself.

2. House Band

The house band gives unique feel to the game, and is located right behind one of the goalposts. The band provides incredible entertainment and does an excellent job of setting the mood throughout the game, so keep your ears peeled for them.

3. Growl Towels

During the playoffs every fan entering the building receives a Growl Towel. These towels are not only an excellent way to support the team by waving them around, but also are a great keepsake to remember each and every Grizzlies playoff game.

4. FedEx Zone

The FedEx Zone is the perfect place to catch up on the action going on around the league. Inside the FedEx Zone, you’ll find large HD TVs showing all the other NBA games going on as well other major televised sporting events.

5. Beale Street

FedExForum is located right on Memphis’s famous Beale Street meaning you’ll be right in the heart of the action during your visit. Beale Street has tons of blues clubs and restaurants, so you’ll find plenty to do before and after the game.

6. Grizz Grils

The Grizz Girls perform showstopping routines and will keep you entertained throughout the game. Don’t leave your seat when the Grizz Girls take the stage as you wouldn’t want to miss these talented dancers.

7. Grizz

Grizzlies fan love Grizz and you will too. He can be seen at every Memphis game and is sure to put a smile on your face with his wild antics and high flying acrobatics.

8. Grizzline

The talented Grizzline energize the crowd with their bombastic beats. You won’t be able to help but rise to your feet along with the rest of the crowd when the Grizzline takes the floor.

9. Kings of the Court

These high flying dunkers dressed in Elvis attire bring the crowd to their feet. You won’t be able to look away from these incredible showmen during your visit to FedExForum.

10. Stadium Restaurants

Inside FedExForum you’ll find several restaurants that serve a variety of delicious food including The Draft Room and Horseshoe Club. No matter what you’re in the mood for you’ll more than likely be able to find it at FedExForum.

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