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Mercer revived its football team just a few years ago, and fans are coming out of hibernation in droves to support their school. On game days, you’ll find Five Star Stadium packed full of Bears fans dressed in black and orange. Football is a big part of the culture in Georgia, and it’s no different at Mercer creating a fun and festive game day atmosphere.

The fans aren’t’ the only ones that make attending a Mercer football time an enjoyable experience. The marching band and spirit squads are also a big part of a Bears gameday. The marching band creates a great atmosphere with their tunes throughout the game, and no football or marching band fan will want to miss their pregame and halftime performances. Additionally, the spirit squad is also fantastic and features a cheer team, dance squad, and lovable bear mascot named Toby.

College football fans will love taking in a Bears game and growing the traditions that go along with Mercer football. Take advantage of the opportunity to watch the program blossom by getting your tickets to a Mercer football game today.

Things to check out

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Marching Band

Enjoy the performance of the Mercer University Marching Band when taking in a Bears football game. The band creates a fun atmosphere at the game and puts on a great halftime and pregame show.

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Join in the cheers and chants lead by the cheerleaders at the game. The cheer squad does a fantastic time of pumping up the crowd at key times making them a fun part of any Bears game.

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Dance Team

The Mercer Dance Team puts on an incredible show at Bears game. You won’t want to miss these talented dancers, so don’t leave your seat when the dance team takes the field.

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Keep an eye out for the Bears beloved mascot Toby. Toby gets into all kinds of shenanigans and games and is adored by fans young and old making him a must-see when attending a game at Five Star Stadium.

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Fight Songs

  1. Hail to Mercer

    Fight Song

    Hail to thee, the best school in the land!

    Come all ye loyal sons and daughters,
    Ring out the victory song!
    United all each foe we’ll conquer
    The battle now will not be long.

    The Orange and Black is
    proudly flying,
    Like a sign high in the sky!
    That leads us on in triumph,
    For Mercer we will live and die!

    In basketball, we’ll place her name ahead of all the rest.
    In scholarship, when put to the test, she is the very best!
    Hail to thee, Mercer University!
    Hail to thee, Mercer University!
    Hail to thee, the best school in the land!

    Repeat Refrain 

    Repeat Chorus

  2. Mercer Alma Mater

    On the city’s western border,
    Reared against the sky,
    Proudly stands our Alma Mater
    As the years roll by.

    Forward ever be thy watchword,
    Conquer and prevail.
    Hail to thee, O Alma Mater!
    Mercer, hail, all hail.

    Cherished by thy sons and daughters,
    Mem’ries sweet shall throng,
    Round our hearts, O Alma Mater,
    As we sing our song.

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