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It should come to no surprise that Miami is a favorite destination of visiting fans particularly those from cold climates. The beautiful weather ensures you’ll always have a great time taking in a Dolphins game at Hard Rock Stadium. You’ll find plenty of support for the visiting team when attending a game in Miami, so don’t be afraid to come and show off your colors to try and flip the home field advantage in your team’s favor.

While there may be a lot of support for visiting teams making the trip to Miami that doesn’t mean you won’t find plenty of diehard Fins fans in the stands. The Deep End, located in the east end zone, in particular, get loud and proud in their support of the Dolphins. Throughout the stadium, you’ll find plenty of support for both the Dolphins and the visitors creating an electric atmosphere with lots of back and forth between fans.

Hard Rock Stadium is currently undergoing some renovations in an attempt to continue to provide fans with the best in-game experience possible. The renovations will add a shaded canopy over the fans to help keep you cool during the early months, and the seats in the lower bowl are being moved closer to the field.

A trip to Miami is always a can’t miss for NFL fans from colder climates, so don’t hesitate to come down to Miami and take in a Dolphins game.

Things to check out

Miami Dolphins Honor Roll

Around the second tier of the stadium you’ll see the Honor Roll, which honors all the greatest players, coaches, and front office personnel in Dolphins history. Take a moment to soak in the names of those who have been deemed worthy of being immortalized by one of the best franchises in NFL history to get the most out of your Dolphins game day experience.


T.D., which stands for The Dolphin, is the official mascot of the Miami Dolphins. During Dolphins games T.D. entertains the crowd and keeps everyone on their feet and cheering the Dolphins to victory. Keep on the lookout for him during games as you’ll never know what kind of stunt he’ll pull off next.

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The Deep End

Seated in the east end zone of Hard Rock Stadium are some of the most diehard and passionate fans in all the NFL. The Deep End as they call themselves cheer loudly for the Dolphins throughout the game winner or lose. If you want to truly experience the atmosphere of Hard Rock Stadium, then make sure to secure tickets in The Deep End.

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Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

The Dolphins cheerleaders have been showing their support for the team since its inception in 1966. Over the years the uniforms may have changed, but the squad’s support the Dolphins has remained eternal. Get up on your feet and cheer on the squad and the team when attending your next Dolphins game.

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Fight Songs

  1. Miami Dolphins Fight Song

    The Dolphins fight song was introduced before the 1972 season and has been a fan favorite ever since.

    Miami has the Dolphins
    The Greatest Football Team
    We take the ball from goal to goal
    Like no one’s ever seen
    We’re in the air, we’re on the ground
    We’re always in control
    And when you say Miami
    You’re talking Super Bowl

    ‘Cause we’re the…

    Miami Dolphins,
    Miami Dolphins,
    Miami Dolphins Number One.
    Yes we’re the…
    Miami Dolphins,
    Miami Dolphins,
    Miami Dolphins Number One

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