The warm and sunny weather in Miami makes it the perfect tailgating destination for visiting fans looking to escape the cold winters of the northern US. You can’t go wrong tailgating at a Dolphins game late in the season, as you’ll find some of the best weather in the country for tailgating here in Miami.

Tailgating kicks off four hours before the game at Hard Rock Stadium, so head on down to the stadium early to get in a full day of tailgating fun. Dolphins fans, or Dol-fans, like fans all throughout the NFL, are big on tailgating and setting up large tailgates that show off their dedication to the team. All around the lots, you’ll see plenty of aqua and orange as everyone prepares for an exciting day of Fins football.

The food at a Miami Dolphins tailgate has a uniquely Latin flair to it, with Cuban being especially prevalent. In fact, when tailgating before a Dolphins game one of the most common sights is someone grilling up a churrasco-style steak. Whether it’s a churrasco steak or a Cuban sandwich you’ll find plenty of delicious Cuban food outside Hard Rock Stadium to ensure you won’t head into the stadium hungry.


Dan Marino Statue

Outside Hard Rock Stadium is a statue of arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history, Dan Marino. The life-size bronze statue is a must see for any football fan attending a game in Miami, so stop by and snag a picture with this statue of one of the greatest to ever lace them up.

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Dolphins Walk of Fame

Located near Gate C, the Hall of Fame and Walk of Fame allow diehard Dolphins fans the chance to explore the team’s rich history. You’ll find many a tribute to Dolphins greats like Dan Marino and Don Shula here, so make sure to stop by and check it out.

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AT&T Grand Plaza

The AT&T Grand Plaza is home to the Dolphins official pre-game experience. Here you’ll be able to live music and take part in various games and activities. You may even be able to meet Dolphins Cheerleaders, TD, and former Dolphins players her as well.

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Don Shula Plaza

The Don Shula Plaza, located at Gate E, is the place to be for kids and families. At the Shula Plaza, you’ll find a wealth of football-related games and activities for kids. Come prepared to run the 40-yard dash or tackle the Under Armour obstacle course when heading to Don Shula Plaza.

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