1. Dolphins Hall of Fame and Walk of Fame

Located near Gate C, the Hall of Fame and Walk of Fame allow diehard Dolphins fans the chance to explore the team’s rich history. You’ll find many a tribute to Dolphins greats like Dan Marino and Don Shula here, so make sure to stop by and check it out.

2. The Deep End

Seated in the east end zone of Hard Rock Stadium are some of the most diehard and passionate fans in all the NFL. The Deep End as they call themselves cheer loudly for the Dolphins throughout the game winner or lose. If you want to truly experience the atmosphere of  Hard Rock Stadium, then make sure to secure tickets in The Deep End.

3. Dan Marino Statue

Outside Hard Rock Stadium is a statue of arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history, Dan Marino. The life-size bronze statue is a must see for any football fan attending a game in Miami, so stop by and snag a picture with this statue of one of the greatest to ever lace them up.

4. AT&T Grand Plaza

The AT&T Grand Plaza is home to the Dolphins official pre-game experience. Here you’ll be able to live music and take part in various games and activities. You may even be able to meet Dolphins Cheerleaders, TD, and former Dolphins players her as well.

5. Don Shula Plaza

The Don Shula Plaza, located at Gate E, is the place to be for kids and families. At the Shula Plaza, you’ll find a wealth of football-related games and activities for kids. Come prepared to run the 40-yard dash or tackle the Under Armour obstacle course when heading to Don Shula Plaza.

6. T.D.

T.D., which stands for The Dolphin, is the official mascot of the Miami Dolphins. During Dolphins games T.D. entertains the crowd and keeps everyone on their feet and cheering the Dolphins to victory. Keep on the lookout for him during games as you’ll never know what kind of stunt he’ll pull off next.

7. Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

The Dolphins cheerleaders have been showing their support for the team since its inception in 1966. Over the years the uniforms may have changed, but the squad’s support the Dolphins has remained eternal. Get up on your feet and cheer on the squad and the team when attending your next Dolphins game.

8. Miami Dolphins Honor Roll

Around the second tier of the stadium, you’ll see the Honor Roll, which honors all the greatest players, coaches, and front office personnel in Dolphins history. Take a moment to soak in the names of those who have been deemed worthy of being immortalized by one of the best franchises in NFL history to get the most out of your Dolphins game day experience

9. Membership Tailgate

This exclusive tailgate open to members only provides you with a complimentary tailgate party. If you’re looking for the tailgate experience without the hassle then become a member, so you can take part in this exclusive tailgate party where you’ll have a chance to meet former Dolphins players one on one through a private meet and greet.

10. Dolphins-Patriots Rivalry

These two AFC East rivals have been going at it since the Dolphins joined the AFL in 1966. Recently the Patriots have gotten the better of everyone in the AFC East having won every AFC East title since 2003 with the lone exception of 2008, which was won by the Dolphins. Come prepared for a hard fought contest whenever the Patriots are in town, as the Fins-Pats games are among some of the most competitive in the NFL.

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