In Game

At a Heat game, you’ll find all the flair of Miami inside an NBA arena. Everything from the fans to the concessions to the in-game entertainment has a Miami feel providing a one of a kind atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else.

The Heat are the most popular sports team in Miami, and as a result, you’ll encounter plenty of buzz around the American Airlines Arena and the Heat. These fans love their team and even with a lot of the franchise’s recent stars departing they still come out loudly and passionately cheer for their team. The crowd inside the American Airlines Arena’s emotion will ebb and flow with the game creating a fantastic in-game experience.

The in-game entertainment at the American Airlines Arena is also incredible. Longtime Heat PA announcer Michael Biamonte is outstanding at getting everyone up on their feet and involved in the game. The Heat dance squad is also among the best in the league and has regularly been recognized as the best in all of the NBA. The Golden Oldies also add a nice touch and are a fan favorite as well.

Those of you wanting to experience Miami’s culinary side will be in for a treat during your trip to the American Airlines Arena. Here you’ll be able to grab several Miami favorites including Cuban sandwiches and pork sliders. There is also more traditional fare for the less adventurous as well.

Inside the American Airlines Arena, you’ll find a uniquely Miami style experience as well as one of the best in-game experiences in the NBA.

Things to check out

Championship Banners

Hanging from the rafters are the Heat’s 2006, 2012, and 2013 NBA Champion banners. Check these out during your visit to remember all the great Heat teams of the past.

Miami HEAT Store

At the Miami HEAT Store you’ll find any Heat gear you could ever want. The store carries everything from caps and jerseys to skateboards and folding chairs. Even if you aren’t visiting the American Airlines Arena during your trip to Miami, you can stop by the stores in the Dolphin Mall or at the airport.

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Dewar’s Clubhouse

If you’re looking for some fine dining inside American Airlines Arena then Dewar’s Clubhouse is the spot for you. The restaurant is operated by Levy Restaurants and provides you with some of the best views of the action and cuisine around.

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Miami Heat Dancers

The Miami Heat Dancers have been named the best dance team in the NBA on several occasions and put on an incredible show that will keep you entertained during stoppages in play. When these ladies take the court, don’t take your eyes away as you wouldn’t want to miss them perform.

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Michael Biamonte

The Heat PA announcer will get you up and cheering with his “Staaaaand up and make some nooooooise” chant. Biamonte keeps the energy high throughout the game and does an excellent job of getting everyone involved in the action.

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Burnie is the official mascot of the Heat and will keep you entertained all throughout the games with his crazy antics. You never know where Burnie will pop up next so be on alert for him at all times.

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Golden Oldies

Don’t let these dancers’ advanced age fool you they can still bust a move. The Golden Oldies put on a great show and will get you out of your seat with their surprisingly spry dance moves.

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Fight Songs

  1. Miami Heat Theme Song

    The heat is on, on the street
    Inside your head, on every beat
    And the beat’s so loud, deep inside
    The pressure’s high, just to stay alive
    ‘Cause the heat is on

    Oh-wo-ho, oh-wo-ho
    Caught up in the action I’ve been looking out for you
    Oh-wo-ho, oh-wo-ho
    (Tell me can you feel it)
    (Tell me can you feel it)
    (Tell me can you feel it)
    The heat is on, the heat is on, the heat is on
    Oh it’s on the street, the heat is on.

  2. We Already Won

    Best luck, ya’ll know (Oh boy)
    Now you need to get low-ow-ow-ow-owww
    Hey [3x]

    (Oh) We already won, we already won,
    And ain’t no need to play no more games
    We already won, we already won,
    And ain’t no more need to play no more games
    Lemme hear you say we number one,
    we number one,
    we number one,
    We already won, we already won, hey

    Hey you know we bend it there,
    You talkin’ bout a winner no ale in the bag,
    Until we got LeBron dream throw it in the bag
    We right, number one, it’s the Miami Heat dag
    I’m vibe and I’m start in Miami Heat swagger
    So surprised when we called his number six on my rag,
    That’s why it’s so sick can’t get rid of that,
    I know they got flick ain’t get rid of flash
    Ain’t no half, keep your daf,
    Got more money on my salary cap
    To fit in a place for LeBron my sca,
    King James throw some powder like we moving in a draft

    We already won, we already won
    We get Lebron James, it’s already done,
    You seen the interview, you heard what he said
    I’m-a do South Beach with my homeboy Wade
    This Miami where the sun kinda hot,
    So disown me right now down to the top get dropped
    Born and raised in a county away,
    Dropped the ball at Rosea Spade
    Let’s celebrate! That this one for the crib,
    Another championship, we’ll do it again
    Play no games on the court, get it in
    Cause all the Heat gonna do is just win


    Hot boy Brisco baby
    Heat that flame, that fire blazing
    Call me LeBron, open like a James,
    And I don’t even play no games, no sir,
    Let’s go! Just know I’m so
    Course our seats are front row
    Free throw, alley,
    Home boy don’t scuff my ballies
    I’m chilling from where on South Beach,
    Perhaps tissin’ my **** forever South Beach,
    Fire, fire, fire, scorching
    Grey Goose Louge let me pro boy

    Mahee, mahee,
    Jetski South Beach, penthouse parties
    Fly girls don’t you know bikinis everywhere
    Start isling, you can find a boss anywhere
    Night time is the K that lives,
    Sky box to the floor, just trying to live
    Pole boy the key like waitin’
    Try to pick and roll with a team and we fadin’ em
    Even though we the best and we outta here
    Triple A vallet, showtime it is
    So nip for the Knicks right here,
    You got money over here and it is what it is


    Play like it is, gotta play drop ball
    I used to play Kobe but now it’s Lebron
    Now we got em on hooves and the trail boom awe
    Pole boy, hit em with the strong arm
    Ohhhh, I get ahead in bounty
    You got cash and tugging way county
    We be working like freedom of speech,
    One block gripping Miami Heat
    For real! I’m a gitcha like Chris Bosh
    Could you please just get off
    Big boy, big body, big deal
    One more scene on the beltway to happy


  3. Seven Nations Army Chant

    I’m gonna fight ’em off
    A seven nation army couldn’t hold me back
    They’re gonna rip it off
    Taking their time right behind my back
    And I’m talkin’ to myself at night
    Because I can’t forget
    Back and forth through my mind
    Behind a cigarette

    And the message comin’ from my eyes says, “Leave it alone.”

    Don’t wanna hear about it
    Every single one’s got a story to tell
    Everyone knows about it
    From the Queen of England to the hounds of hell
    And if I catch it comin’ back my way
    I’m gonna serve it to you
    And that ain’t what you want to hear
    But that’s what I’ll do

    And the feeling coming from my bones says, “Find a home.”

    I’m going to Wichita
    Far from this opera for evermore
    I’m gonna work the straw
    Make the sweat drip out of every pore
    And I’m bleeding, and I’m bleeding, and I’m bleeding
    Right before the lord
    All the words are gonna bleed from me
    And I will think no more

    And the stains comin’ from my blood tell me, “Go back home.”

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