1. The U

One of the things Miami fans are known for is using their hands to make a U. This hand gesture is an excellent way to let other fans know who you cheer for and to show off your team pride.

2. The Smoke

The Hurricanes famous football entrance makes its way to the Watsco Center where the team enters the court accompanied by smoke. You’ll get goosebumps as the cheerleaders lead the Canes onto the court, so make sure you don’t miss the team’s entrance.

3. Sebastian the Ibis

Sebastian is the official Hurricanes mascot and is an American white ibis. The mascot was originally an entry for a homecoming contest in 1957 and made his first gameday appearance the following year. Look for Sebastian as he leads the team through the smoke and onto the court.

4. Miami-Florida State Rivalry

Miami-Florida State is one of the best ACC football rivalries, and the two schools have an intense basketball rivalry as well. While the basketball matchups between the Hurricanes and Seminoles may not be as memorable, the matchups between these two on the hardwood are still must-see events for fans of the two teams.

5. Storm Surge

Storm Surge is the official student section at University of Miami basketball games. The group began in 2011 and has quickly grown to become one of the more intimidating student sections out there. Everyone in Storm Surge dresses in orange and performs choreographed cheers, so enjoy the student sections cheers and chants when attending a Hurricanes game.

6. Larranaga Lawn

Along with the rise of the Storm Surge student section has come the creation of Larranaga Lawn. Before big games, there is a high demand for tickets, and as a result, students will camp outside the arena before the game to get a spot. If you’re a student who wants to attend an important game, make sure to get your spot early, so you don’t miss out.

7. Banners

Check out the honored players banners inside the Watsco Center. The banners honor Miami greats such as Rick Barry and Tim James, so take a minute to remember the Hurricanes past basketball greats when attending a Miami basketball game.

8. Miami-Florida Rivalry

Miami and Florida recently renewed their basketball rivalry with a home and home series so don’t miss it when the Gators come to town. The rivalry on the hardwood may pale in comparison to the rivalry on the gridiron, but the two Florida-based schools have met over 60 times despite not being in the same conference, so there is plenty of history here. Don’t miss it when the Gators come to town as you’ll be in for a treat.

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